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Top Wireless Under Cabinet Smart Lighting in 2022


When you move into a new property, creating a welcoming and functional kitchen space can make cooking and entertaining feel that much more fun. In addition to smart locks, your can also add smart lighting to your home.

While there are numerous ways to bring your kitchen into the 21st century, one key option is to installing battery operated under cabinet lights, wireless under cabinet lighting, or under cabinet smart lighting in your kitchen to really illuminate your space. A variety of products have hit the market over the years and knowing exactly which light solutions rank supreme can make your culinary space more appealing.

Knowing what to look for in wireless under cabinet lighting can easily help you choose the right lighting solution. Lighting Access stresses that renters and homeowners should seek out under cabinet smart lighting with long battery lives, low profiles that measure about 1”, can be mounted with a variety of adhesives, and use a color temperature between 3000K and 5000K.

Bob Vila found that overall, the BLS T01L LED Closet Light works best if you need a wireless under cabinet lighting solution that you can easily remove and take with you next time your lease runs up. This particular under cabinet smart lighting rose above the competition thanks to its motion sensing technology and adjustable dimmer. The fact that it can run on batteries or a DC power supply also gives it some versatility over its competition.

If you need some variety, The Spruce recommends Brilliant Evolution LED White Wireless Under Cabinet Light at Amazon, which can easily adhere to the undersides of cabinetry, run on batteries, and feature LEDs with light tones that can be easily adjusted to fit most any environment. When you need to liven up your kitchen with under cabinet smart lighting, you can’t go wrong with either of these options that guarantee to make your apartment feel that much more like home.