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Best Kitchen Gadgets for 2023


What are the best kitchen gadgets for 2023? In an era where every gadget promises to transform cooking from a chore to a pleasure, it’s natural to approach the constant barrage of new gadgets and gizmos with a hint of skepticism. So, amidst the glimmering array of cutting-edge appliances and tools, how do you distinguish between the truly revolutionary and the momentarily sensational?

Whether you’re a culinary maestro looking to up your game or a novice seeking to streamline meal prep, these kitchen newcomers have the potential to become regular fixtures. Amid the flood of innovative gadgets, this collection sifts through the noise, presenting gadgets that genuinely matter. Explore the interplay of convenience and necessity, offering a close-up of what’s trending and what could genuinely elevate your cooking.

1. Tupperware Chop n’ Prep Chef

The automatic chopper has long been a staple on the gadget scene. Chefs might scoff and be keen to show off their knife skills, but the average home chef will find much utility, even if they don’t use it all the time. Choppers come in broadly two varities: the “slap-chop,” which requires the user to pump the handle to cut, or the electric chopper, of which Tupperware’s entry belongs to the latter. This is an extremely solid device, small enough for easy storage but large enough that you’re not going to have to reload it for every half-onion. Can’t stand slicing away at vegetables? This is the gadget for you.

2. BUTEFO 8-in-1 Kitchen Tool

In general, one should be wary of gadgets that promise too much, or claim to be the swiss army knife of the kitchen. The Swiss army knife is already the Swiss army knife of the kitchen, and many X-in-1 devices are over-complicated, or only have one or two useful modes. While it isn’t true that you’ll absolutely need all the attachments to BUTEFO’s device, enough of them provide genuine convenience that we have no trouble recommending it. Egg separator. Cheese grater. Measuring Jug. Funnel. This kitchen tool smartly restricts itself to the most now-where-did-I-put-that? Aspects of your kitchen toolkit and makes the whole process more efficient.

3. Talisman Designs Bacon Bin

Disposing of leftover or unwanted kitchen grease is a genuine problem. Difficult to just pour into the trash, messy to have around—and don’t, whatever you do, pour it down the drain! Talisman Design’s Bacon Bin solves these issues. While it’s branded for bacon fat, its silicone structure allows it to store any and all extra oil and fat that you generate in a day’s cooking. Then it can be stored odor-free in the lidded device, either for specific disposal or freezing for more regular recepticles. If you were to only store bacon and certain other greases, you might even decide to reuse them—we wouldn’t judge! That’s where the flavor is.

4. SpattyDaddy Kitchen Spatula Set

Silicone spatulas. Anyone with any familiarity with a kitchen whatsoever will tell you how useful they are. Gone are the days of scraping ineffectively at a bowl of cake batter, hoping to get those last few drips into the baking tray. Spatulas make sure you get one hundred per cent of anything liquid out of one container and into another. The only issue we’ve found is that they mostly spatula-sized, meaning getting the final drops of honey or jam out of jar is a bit difficult. This spatula set is deliberately designed to allow that. These long, slim-handles spatulas can reach into nooks and crannies others can’t, and extend the spatula love to containers who haven’t previously felt their touch. Essential!

5. Verve Tortilla Press Kit

Okay, so tortilla presses have been readily available for many years, so why now? Well, because if in 2023 you still haven’t realised how much they will elevate your tortilla game, then the joke’s on you. Verve’s press is solid cast iron, in a regal shade of red, and works just as well as an aesthetic kitchen object as it does a functional device. It doesn’t only make tortillas either! Dumpling wrappers, rotis, even pie crust pasty—once you’ve gone over to your own personal press, you’ll never look back.

6. Whisk Wiper

One of those kitchen implements that even dishwashers sometimes struggle with, whisks can get pretty gunked up over the course of a baking session. All those spokes can trap old batter and icing and you might not even realize it was there, leading to potential bacteria and mould growth in storage. Enter the whisk wiper—a simple device with a simple purpose—just run your dirty whisk through the plastic filter and watch as every speck is wiped away. It’s not flashy, it doesn’t promise more than it does, but what it does it does simply, quickly and efficiently, and saves you a dull chore.

7. Kuhn Rikon SoftEdge Stainless Steel Slotted Spatula

Combining the best aspects of a silicone spatula and a fish slice, the Kuhn Rikon SoftEdge allows you to go into that pan with confidence. You won’t have to worry about scratching non-stick pans, and the material is tough enough to withstand any cast iron cooking. What’s best about this spatula is that it allows for all the easy flipping, lifting, and turning of a fish slice, with the spatula’s ability to clean a pan spotless—you won’t be missing any sauce with this one.

8. Tovolo Sphere Ice Moulds

A lot of gadgets seek to insert themselves into the cooking process if not exactly uselessly, then at least to a degree where they’re making something more complicated that we easily did before without the gadget. Well, this is not an issue for the Tovolo sphere ice moulds. How are you going to make big marbles of beautiful ice without a sphere ice mould? You’re not. Why would you want big beautiful ice marbles when you could just have cubes? Because life should contain some degree of beautiful ostentation.

Plus, have you ever had a glass or good bourbon while one of these things rolls around? There are few better feelings in the world. There are multiple designs to purchase—footballs, flowers, etc. But we feel the classic sphere adds the most sophisticated “wow” factor.”

9. Copco 2-Tier Lazy Susan Pantry Navigator

Spice and seasoning storage has come a long way since wonky racks and old cinnamon getting lost at the back of the cupboard. This Lazy Susan carousel is a straightforward entry in modern storage, with a simple and elegant design.

Both tiers are tall enough to hold multiple pots, jars, or bottles, and you’ll find yourself setting things down on here just as frequently as you’ll find yourself spinning it around to find something. It quickly became a focal point for our kitchen—it actually stopped us losing stuff because there was always the appropriate place to store it right there.

10. Oxo Silicone Cookie Spatula

Okay, we like spatulas. But for good reason! If you want to invest in something simple that will instantly improve your cooking experience, then spatulas are where it’s at. They solve all the old issues of wooden spoon and metal knifes, all for a fraction of the cost of most gadgets. Oxo’s Silicone Cookie Spatula is meant for, you guessed it, cookies, but because of its small size and useful bent handle, it’s also perfect for eggs, pancakes—you name it! And all while providing that spatula glide, and the confidence you won’t leave anything in the pan.

Honourable Mention

Now that we’ve covered our top ten, here’s two more that didn’t quite make the cut, but are worth checking out regardless

MEATER Plus Smart Meat Thermometer

Do you really need a smart meat thermometer? Well, for the average chef, the answer is no. If you like to do things by eye or touch, you might not need a meat thermometer at all. But for those who like to get things exactly right, and build up a store of data in the meantime, this smart meat thermometer is for you. It links to your phone and provides a slew of great insights into the temperature of your over, remaining cooking time, and tips for how to most effectively get your meat to the right internals. Ever been worried you won’t get that lamb exactly right? Fear no more.

DASH Mini Waffle Maker

For our money, the DASH mini waffle maker provides the best bucks to delight ratio of any of the gadgets on the list. Sure, this one won’t revolutionize your cooking or your kitchen, but it might make breakfast that bit more magical, especially for kids. An attractive modern design, easy to set up instructions, and simplicity of use. Plus, the cutest little waffles we’ve ever seen. What more could you want?