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Which High End Kitchen Appliances are Worth the Money


Anyone who loves to cook has dreamt of whipping up their favorite meals in their dream kitchen. These spaces come stocked with the modern stoves, refrigerators, cooking tools, and other high end kitchen devices that could easily make their way into Michelin-ranked restaurants.

While many of these appliances look flashy and seem great, some have a tendency to break or quickly become obsolete when a new model hits the shelves. Not every make and model should find its way into your kitchen, but trying to figure out which blender to buy or fridge to purchase can make anyone’s head spin.

Knowing which brands and particular appliances are worth investing in not only help you save money — by buying smart, you can feel confident knowing you have the very best tools that any professional chef dreams of.

By knowing exactly what to look for, you can increase your home’s value while leveling up your kitchen. In order to select the best appliances you need in your life, it’s important to first understand what makes these devices special.

What Makes High End Kitchen Appliances Special?

In order to build your cooking space from the ground up, you need to find the right appliances that suit your cooking and lifestyle needs. Certain kitchen devices stack up better than their competitors for a variety of reasons, and knowing the in’s and out’s of the appliance can help you make informed purchasing decisions, especially when you want to design your very own dream kitchen.

Finishes and Features

Appliances Connection stresses several factors when you start your search for your next set of luxury kitchen appliances. One of the key differences between standard culinary accouterments and high end kitchen appliances lies in the overall design. Some of the most expensive kitchen upgrades out there have a steep price tag thanks to their sleek and modern look.

Nowadays, you can typically find appliances like refrigerators in a sleek stainless steel finish. If you have the money to spare, you can easily upgrade these types of finishes to match your home decor and keep your kitchen aesthetically in line with the rest of your living space. This emphasis on style raises their price, but the appliances typically go far beyond simply looking good.


High end kitchen appliances also typically perform better than similar standard models. This key characteristic usually comes down to very fine details, like having precise heat control on stovetops, or having features that allow you to perform a wider variety of cooking techniques. These can range from extra features, like griddle top stoves that feature wide cooking spaces, all the way to the inclusion of sensors that can help regulate temperature more efficiently.


These same luxurious appliances also end up lasting longer than their cheaper counterparts. Goods with a steeper price tag often feature tougher material that has a harder time breaking, and may additionally come with long warranties in case some component breaks or appears faulty. Ideally, these appliances also feature better construction, and as a result, should generally be sturdier than cheaper models.

If you want to invest in your kitchen from the get go and never have to worry about upgrades for years, you can’t go wrong investing in your ideal appliances that have the potential to last for generations.

What To Look For When Buying High End Kitchen Appliances

Shopping smart makes all the difference as you put together your high end kitchen, and knowing what to look for in your perfect appliances can make all the difference. USA Today first recommends setting a budget. From this starting point, you can shop around and prioritize which blenders, stoves, microwaves, and more should really find a spot of honor in your kitchen.

Consider Hiring a Designer

If you just moved into a new home and want to completely renovate the kitchen, you should also consider hiring a designer. These professionals help you find ways to maximize every possible space in your kitchen, and can even find creative solutions to certain purchases, saving you money in the long haul. They particularly shine if your kitchen features an irregular shape or has a strange layout.

It might seem like common sense, but measuring out particular chunks of space in your kitchen can prevent heartbreak down the road. If you have your eye on a luxurious refrigerator, but just can’t make it fit into the allotted space, you either have to do some serious remodeling or need to find a slimmer model. Either way, knowing exactly how much space you have to work with can make a major difference, especially when you need to shell out enough money to afford the best kitchen appliances on the market.

The DIY Playbook found that the overall look of your high end kitchen appliance should also factor into the decision-making process. Generally, most gadgets come with a stainless steel, black, white, or colored exterior. On the other hand, you can sometimes find appliances like dishwashers that seamlessly blend into your cabinetry, giving your kitchen an even sleeker look.

Pay Attention to Ventilation

You can deck out every type of kitchen appliance, but some make more of a difference than others. My Move stresses the importance of investing in a good hood or ventilation system above your new stove. A luxurious cooking space sounds great, but if the space gets filled with smoke every time you use the stovetop, you might feel discouraged from using it as much as you like.

By keeping a close eye on the smallest kitchen details, you can make informed decisions about what types of appliances you really need and can effectively use your budget to its fullest potential. As you design your perfect space, don’t forget about the design of the floor as well. This often overlooked portion of the kitchen deserves some love too, and the right size rug can perfectly compliment any appliance.

You also want to make sure you have adequate lighting in your kitchen. Without the right light levels, you can’t effectively use your countertops or oven to prepare food. By pairing your high end kitchen purchases with the Top Wireless Under Cabinet Smart Lighting in 2022, you can design the perfect kitchen.

What High End Kitchen Appliances Should You Avoid?

Certain appliances look great on paper or on the showroom floor, but just don’t make sense in a functional high end kitchen. Reader’s Digest recommends that buyers stay away from refrigerators with French doors fabricated by GE Appliances and side-by-side refrigerators created by Maytag. These particular units ranked lowest in the 2018 JD Power survey, and proved to be the least reliable versions of fridges on the market.

The same survey claimed that you need to stay away from Frigidaire dishwashers. Whirlpool microwaves ranked particularly poorly, while LG stovetops ranked as one of the least reliable stove tops out there. If you prefer a range top, steer clear of Amana-produced units for similar reasons.

You don’t want your appliances breaking down, and keeping track of how many repair orders come in around these devices can significantly influence how you shop. Family Handyman offered a rundown of the least reliable kitchen appliances you need to watch out for, based on a survey from Puls, a San Francisco company that consists of a network of approximately 5,000 technicians across the U.S. They recommend against purchasing Frigidaire and Maytag dishwashers, Maytag and LG stovetops and ranges, and Bosch and Frigidaire refrigerators.

All of these evaluations stem from the appliances needing repairs the most. If you do decide to upgrade your high end kitchen with the latest products, make sure to choose appliances that won’t set you back with constant repair bills.

Which High End Kitchen Appliances Do You Need?

When you want to transform your cooking space into a true high end kitchen, you should keep an eye out for certain brands and models. Pursuitist recommends shopping by brands rather than particular models. They have thrown their weight behind Dacor for ovens and stoves, Gaggenau for all varieties of cooking appliances that range from stove tops to deep fryers, Miele for any device that you want to have last forever, Sub-Zero and Wolf for refrigerators, and La Cornue for stoves.

Florida Homes and Living backed up many of these choices, but had a few other brand selections to add to the mix. They recommended Viking ranges, ZLine for ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers, and Thermador for their ovens. If you want to specifically upgrade your kitchen in the hope of increasing your home’s overall value, you should start by replacing your oven.

Reviewed claims that Bosch’s black stainless steel HGI8046UC range performs as well as it looks, and even features a state-of-the art self-cleaning system. The Café CES700P4MW2 performs and looks like a designer model, but comes with a lower price tag, helping it fit a wider range of budgets. If you need an electric range, you should go for the Bosch Benchmark Series HIIP056U Slide-in Induction Range, the leading induction stove on the market. This particular model earns points with reviewers due to its power-saving capabilities that keep your energy bill down while doing some good for the planet. At the end of the day, certain brands and models rise above the competitors and offer the best experience you can ask for.

How To Find A Kitchen For Your New Appliances

If you have alway dreamt of a cooking space worthy of a top chef, you first need to find a living space that features enough room and accommodations to fit every appliance you could ever want. Sometimes, you might need to find a larger apartment or condo in order to make this dream a reality, but with the right team of experts, you can easily find yourself in your dream home with a dream kitchen in no time.

The professionals at NewDevRev have the market insights you need in order to help you find the high end kitchen and home of your dream, and are just a call away.

Contact an expert today and turn your home kitchen fantasies into a reality.