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What Size Rug You Need for Every Room


Rug shopping is difficult enough as it is. Figuring out what size rug you need for each room is its own challenge, even without factoring in aesthetics and personal style. Whether it’s for the bedroom, the living room, or even the bathroom—here are the perfect rugs for every spot in your home!

The Best Rugs for Every Room in Your Home

Finding the perfect rug has never been easier!

Bathroom Mats

According to ValidHouse, the most optimal size rug for a bathroom is around 17’’ x 24’’, with 27″ x 45’’ positioned at the larger end of the spectrum. Here are a few bathroom rug recommendations worth perusing, to begin your journey towards proper decor!

Amazon Basics’ Non-Slip Microfiber Shag Bathroom Rug

This rug is a perfect size, at 21’’ x 34’’ inches. Its non-slip microfiber material makes it an optimal choice for besides your tub, to avoid that ever-so-embarrassing post shower slip. The rug comes in a variety of colors to match your aesthetic, and helps absorb any water on the floor. The “non-slip” backing also keeps the rub in place, preventing any movement when stepped on.

IKEA’s Skulingen Bath Mat

This IKEA brand mat, decorated with adorable foot prints, is another perfectly sized rug for your bathroom. All 20’’ x 32’’ of this rug is made entirely of sustainably sourced cotton. It uses fast drying materials as well, making it optimal in both size and function for placement besides your shower.

IKEA’s Almtjarn Bath Mat

This bath mat is IKEA’s best seller, at 24’’ x 34’’ in size. Made of recycled polyester, this plush rug is both comfortable and stylish. IKEA writes, “Put it in your bathroom and treat your feet to a warming embrace every time.”

Walmart’s Soft One Piece Luxury Striped Bathroom Rug

This bath mat is on the slightly smaller side, perfect for those living in studios or one bedrooms with less space. It’s 16’’ x 24’’, and can be placed beneath your sink or beside your tub with ease.

Target’s Plush Half Moon Rug

This rug has a unique shape perfect for bathroom usage. Its half-moon shape allows optimal placement beside a bathtub or shower, at 18’’ x 32’’. Bathroom rugs differ from those in other rooms due to their capacity for more tailored sizes, purposes, and materials.

Optimal Kitchen Rugs

According to the MagicRugs blog, the most optimal size for a kitchen rug is around 2′ x 3′ to 3′ x 5′ feet, and it’s safer to stay on the smaller side. A full-floor rug is never ideal for a kitchen, where food is likely to drop and embed itself in the carpeting. Smaller rugs can add a touch of color and comfort, without posing more risks than benefits.

Target’s Vintage Persian Medallion Kitchen Rug

This bohemian rug is perfect for a pop of color, at only 34’’ x 20’’. It’s a woven accent rug, donning a traditional Persian pattern. As it’s intended for kitchen use, easy cleaning is a must-have. This rug is machine-washable, and its “flat pile construction” allows an even easier clean.

Walmart’s Coffee Tiles Kitchen Mat

This coffee-themed kitchen mat doesn’t only match the room, it exists at an optimal size for placement and cleaning. The rug is designed to provide comfort, and relieve the pain of standing on your feet while meal prepping and cooking. It has cushion backing, and a flat surface where stains are easier to identify and remove. Plus, the fabric used is built for stain resistance. Lastly, the rug uses non-slip material as an extra safety precaution. This caffeine-themed comfort is 18’’ x 30’’.

IKEA’s Virklund Reversible Rug

This flat-woven rug is intended for kitchen use, at 2′ 7″ x 4’ 11″ in length. Although its flat woven quality allows for easier cleaning, if a stain occurs (or if you’re bored) it’s super simple to reverse the rug and shift your style. This rug is relatively versatile, with plain and classic stripes on each side and neutral colors throughout.

Walmart’s Traditional Faux Sisal Border Runner Rug

This traditional faux sisal border runner rug is perfect for the kitchen, and can be placed beneath a row of counters or appliances. This rug is uniquely shaped for kitchen usage, and provides a soft mat beneath your feet as you cook, clean, and more. It’s unique border provides a contrast between colors and a chic appearance, overall. It’s 1’9’’ x 5’ in length, providing a slender and elongated shape.

What Size Rug Suits Your Living Room

Choosing a rug for your living room comes down to the size of the space itself. Keeping everything in proportion is absolutely key. If you have a larger living room, it’s recommended to choose an area rug of around 9’ x 12’. For a medium sized living room, adjust it down to 8’ x 10’ and so on. Ratio of space to rug is crucial when it comes to your living room. Furniture can be placed over the rug itself to maximize space.

Target’s Shag Rug

This 8’ x 10’ rug is perfect for average sized living rooms, and its neutral to bold shade range allows it to blend well with any aesthetic. Shag rugs have always been a staple in the rug department, and a classic choice overall.

Walmart’s Contemporary Area Rug

This one is meant for the smaller spaces, at 5’3″ x 7’3″ in length. Working in perfect ratio, this rug can provide a pop of color for smaller studio spaces or one bedroom apartments. Its contemporary design is suitable for those with modern sensibilities.

IKEA’s Halved Flat-Woven Rug

This flat-woven rug is perfect for those who love a lot of color, and lean towards the eccentric. Intended for those with smaller living rooms, this rug can become the focal point of your decor–helping you maximize your space and show off your true taste. This handmade woven rug is 5’7″ x 7’10″ in length.

NuLoom’s Kimberly Hand Loomed Area Rug

This rug is intended for larger spaces, at 9’ x 12’ in length. The rug is 100% cotton, with a gray pattern meant to match most modern living rooms. As this rug is handmade, it is recommended to avoid vacuuming up crumbs–but rather shake them off and use a broom afterwards.

Target’s Contemporary Floral and Vine Indoor Living Room Accent Rug

This Floral and Vine rug is not only beautiful, but totally perfect for living room usage. Coming in a plethora of sizes, their best seller is their 8′ x 10’ area rug variation. The item is stain resistant, moth-proof, hydrophobic, anti-static, and fire resistant. Essentially–it’s “living room proof.” For those with kids–this rug is certainly a stellar choice. Whichever size you prefer, Target has the rug available for pick up or delivery!

Versatile Rugs for Bedrooms

Bedroom rugs are potentially the most versatile on this list, as they can truly range in size and shape. Some prefer smaller rugs, simply for their feet in the morning—while others prefer area rugs that take up a larger amount of space and are placed under furniture. Whichever you prefer—-the average bedroom rug ranges from 4’ x 6’ to 9’ x 12’ for those with queen beds.

Target’s Plush Shag Rug

This plush shag rug is perfect for those with smaller to average sized rooms, or for those who prefer a rug that looks less like fully covered carpeting. A dorm room classic, this plush shag rug is fuzzy and comfortable–with the perfect amount of fluff to make waking up a dream.

Wayfair’s Power Loom Performance Rug

This rose shaped rug comes in three sizes and a variety of colors, and can fit comfortably beside or at the foot of any bed. Its unique flower shape makes it both a comfort and a conversation piece.

Walmart’s Ultra Soft Modern Oval Rug

This soft pink rug’s oval shape makes it ideal beside a bed as a small place for your feet to land in the morning. Coming in a variety of colors, this rug is on the smaller side–at 2’6″ x 5’3″.

Target’s Vintage Medallion Area Rug

This vintage style area rug is perfect for those hoping for more floor coverage without complete carpeting. Coming in a variety of colors and shades, as well as sizes, this floor rug can be tailored to your spatial needs. The rug is power-loomed for extra durability–and a richer color/true shag finish.

Ganyangan’s Vintage Distressed Bedroom Area Rug

This 5’3″ x 7’3″ floral patterned rug is perfect for placement beneath your bed–and its vintage distressed finish provides a classical touch. For those who desire carpeting beneath and around their bedroom furniture–this is a great pick (that can be delivered directly to your door!)

Finding a new rug for your apartment should be a breeze, don’t over-complicate the process. There’s a rug out there for every room, every budget, and every style imaginable. From handwoven to machine made, stain resistant to vacuum-proof–every rug lies right within your reach!