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Clever Apartment Storage Solutions That Actually Work


Ten Perfect Apartment Storage Solutions

Living in New York City often means sacrificing space for location. Here are some clever apartment storage solutions that actually work!

Hanging Shelves

Hanging shelves are a simple, yet highly effective, solution for a lack of space. Finally find a use for that empty wall you’ve avoided decorating! Hanging shelves come in various sizes, and can be used for a multitude of different purposes. Hung in a closet, this trick can add tons of space for shirts, pants, skirts or more.
From a ceiling, a hanging shelf can be the perfect spot for folded blankets, sheets, and those few childhood stuffed animals you simply can’t part with. They can also be transformed into decor–with some hanging shelves housing plants or succulents that add a certain warmth and vibe to a once dull space. Some have even used them as nightstands–where phones, pictures, and more can be displayed.
However you use your new hanging shelf, I’m sure it will be worth it. Hanging shelves are not difficult to assemble, although most can be purchased ready for use. As they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, finding one equipped to handle your clutter should be a breeze.
Omysa shares quite a few benefits to the product and some best-selling hanging shelves are worth checking out online.

Furniture With Built-In Storage Space

If you’ll already be filling your apartment with couches and tables, why not maximize their use with added storage space? Many furniture options today have built in drawers or cubbies perfect for storing books, clutter, or even clothing. With many modern options, this furniture variation doesn’t need to appear clunky or out of place within your home. In fact, most of these storage-centered picks maximize your space and provide an exceptionally neater appearance overall.
Many popular uses of storage-centered furniture include couches with built-in space for blankets, pillows, and sheets and coffee tables with drawers to store books and magazines. Many New York City residents don’t have the luxury of truly personalizing their space. In smaller one bedrooms or studios, finding a decent corner for a couch alone can be a puzzle with no solid solution.
Buying furniture with intention allows you to double or even triple the purpose of your pieces. Plus, these pieces are a perfect talking point for future visitors or prospective buyers. For those selling their homes still furnished, the presence of storage-oriented furniture can be a major benefit.
Wayfair provides a list of the best furniture with storage capabilities in 2022. Peruse it and you may find your next favorite home addition!

Hang Your Kitchen Supplies and Necessities

Kitchens of any size are prone to clutter and mess. In smaller kitchens, maximizing your space may feel totally out of reach. With this hack, your pots and pans will have a new home much better suited for your spatial needs.
Wall-mounted pot racks allow you to use your various drawers and cabinets for a variety of things beyond your kitchen necessities. Pots and pans take up more space than necessary within your home. When hung above your sink, that now empty cabinet can house anything from cleaning supplies to snacks and various groceries.
Pot racks came in a variety of sizes; ensuring there’s one suitable for your kitchen needs. The rack can be mounted on practically any surface. Popular spots for placement include above the sink, refrigerator, or counter where you prepare your meals. Wherever you install your new addition, it can only add to your space.
The WindUp blog did an article on the best hanging racks to purchase today. These helpful apartment storage solutions are sure to free-up some much needed surfaces in your small kitchen.

Keep Your Clothes In Season, Store All the Rest

There’s no good reason to keep winter jackets hanging in sweltering August heat. Free up your closet by keeping all of your clothes in style…and in season.
Apartment storage solutions for this one are easy. Simply invest in some under bed storage bins at the Container Store or buy a large vacuum seal bag perfect for condensing unused items. There’s no need to keep that puffer jacket or winter coat hanging in your closet, taking up space. Vacuum seal bags use a vacuum pump to remove air from within, essentially trapping your items inside and minimizing their size. Vacuum seal bags are easy to store, and more can fit within them than one would expect.
Alternatively, under-bed storage bins are another great option for increasing apartment space and storing extra belongings. The space underneath your bed is a harbor of untapped storage potential. Long and short bins are perfect for storing clothes that won’t see the light of day ‘til next September. With your closet space freed up, you can better store those impulse purchases from that online shopping spree.
Shop vacuum seal bags here. For storage bins, the Container Store is always a go-to.

Invest in Extendable Furniture

Extendable furniture is an absolute godsend when it comes to maximizing space. For those who work from home, a folding desk is an amazing addition that can be stored away easily when the workday is through. Nearly every furniture item today comes in an extendable variation. From tables that can seat two to six guests, or the classic sofa to bed transformation—these pieces allow you to use your apartment space in the best way possible.
Extendable dining tables are one of the most popular choices on the market today. For those who love a good dinner party, but can’t afford the luxury of a larger table, extendable options are ideal. Whether it’s just you enjoying Grubhub after a long shift, or a birthday dinner for five, the table will adapt to your needs. While some tables fold, and others come with easy-to-store add ons, their purpose remains the same. Maximizing your space is necessary in NYC, and your furniture can join the cause too.

Invest in Folding Chairs

Your extendable dining table isn’t complete without a seat of chairs to go with it. Folding chairs don’t have to lack style. Today, there are tons of folding options available that can go with any interior aesthetic.
Folding chairs allow you to free up even more walking space within your apartment, something many smaller NYC studios desperately need. No matter your taste in decor, there’s a folding chair for you. Here are some options on The Spruce for indoor or outdoor seating.

Add Risers to Your Bed Frame For Increased Storage Space

Have some under-bed storage space but still craving more? Bed frame risers effectively lift your mattress, allowing more items and containers to be kept underneath. This one is simple, and more useful than you might expect. To find a riser perfect for your bed frame, shop here.

Purchase Some Baskets

Baskets are not only perfect for storing clutter and knickknacks, they’re cute to look at too! Baskets can be purchased practically anywhere, and come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and designs. They can be huddled together under various furniture items, becoming home to a variety of your belongings. They frequently come in the wicker or wool variety, and range in sizes based on your storage needs. To shop baskets, click here.

Purchase Clear Plastic Caddies for Your Bathroom

Caddies are a perfect way to free up space in your overstuffed medicine cabinet. Clear plastic caddies typically come with two compartments for storage. Some come with even more. They’re perfect for holding shampoos, conditioners, soaps and other bathroom necessities. They can be tucked away practically anywhere, and free up a lot of space in your shower and cabinet. To shop plastic bathroom caddies, click here.

Install Floating Hooks on Your Walls

Floating hooks are a great resource for maximizing your space and utilizing an empty wall. Floating hooks are affordable and efficient. Many choose to place them next to their front door, providing an immediate home for jackets, sweaters, and more. In the bathroom, a floating hook is the perfect spot for towels and robes.
Many purchase floating hooks to free up closet space. If there’s a jacket you wear daily, keeping it hung by the door makes more sense than storing it away. It’s all about convenience and maximizing space. Floating hooks are a perfect option for those in the pursuit of better storage. To shop floating hooks click here.

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