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Home Office/Guest Bedroom Transformation: Tips and Tricks


Are you working from home these days? Here are some helpful tips for a home office/guest bedroom transformation that’s both stylish and practical.

Combining a Home Office/Guest Bedroom

The Covid-19 pandemic changed everything about the way New Yorkers live and work. Already cramped New York City apartments have become workplaces, too. Even as offices reopen, remote and hybrid work are here to stay, so you may be looking to create a more permanent workspace inside your apartment.

That is why multi-functional spaces are so useful—you can get the most out of limited square footage. If you ever host friends or family, then a guest bedroom is a must-have. With a few simple tricks, you can integrate your home office into the space in a way that is ideal for work and for rest.

Make a Plan and Prioritize

Before you pick up a paint roller or buy that beautiful desk you have been eyeing, you need to make a gameplan. Creating a multipurpose space is like fitting together the pieces of a puzzle; you need to be able to see the big picture to successful bring it all together.

Designing an interior can seem intimidating, but it does not have to be. The first step is to make a simple list of your priorities. Ask yourself: what are the things you absolutely need from this space? Write down these essentials and keep them in mind as you move forward.

For example, do you frequently have guests visiting for extended periods of time? Then you will need to prioritize the comfort and size of the bed. Sleeping arrangements that work well enough for a night or two will not be comfortable for longer guest stays. Or what if you work almost entirely from home? Then your desk will probably need to be a permanent and prominent feature in the room.

This is why it is important to measure your space and plan out your floorplan before you make any big furniture purchases. You can sketch out your ideas on a piece of paper, or even use any number of online floor planning tools.

During your planning phase, you should also make a budget. Do not forget to hold back some extra funds for finishing touches like comfortable, high-quality sheets and pillows.

Find the Right Pieces

Now that you have your priorities and budget calculated, it is time to find the right pieces to fit your needs.

Make sure to balance functionality with comfort. That well priced, space-saving sofa bed might seem like a perfect choice for your home office/guest bedroom, but if it has springs that dig into your guest’s back and lumpy cushions, it is just a waste space and money. Test out big furniture items in person if you can, and if you must order online, make sure there is a good return policy in case the piece does not work out.

Add the Final Touches

The last step is to add the final design touches that make your home office/guest bedroom uniquely yours. Throw pillows and comfortable sheets, inspiring art on the walls, or your favorite scented candle can really bring your room together and make it feel like a finished space.

Ideas for adding a Guest Bedroom in Your Home Office

If your space is going to be primarily a home office, here is how you can integrate a functional—and comfortable—guest bedroom into your workspace.

Consider Daybeds, Sofa Beds, and Murphy Beds

Instead of a traditional, space-consuming bed, consider going with a comfortable alternative like a sofa bed, murphy bed, or day bed.

Sofa beds, or futons, are couches during the day and pull-out beds at night. Daybeds, on the other hand, are usually not convertible, but can function as a twin-sized bed, a sofa, or a lounge. Some daybeds even come with built in storage or trundle beds that you can pull out from the base, making even better use of your space.

Murphy beds are full sized beds that can be pulled down from a hidden space in the wall. While Murphy beds are cool and stylish, think about whether you want to go through the hassle of putting it up and down before you commit to the purchase.

Buy Blackout Shades or Curtains

By adding black out shades or curtains to your home office, you can help your guests get better, more restful sleep. These guest room essentials are a cost effective, unobtrusive way to up the comfort level for visitors staying in your home office.

Install Built-in and Long Ledge Desks

Built-in desks are great for making use of every inch of workspace in your home office. Consider a long ledge desk, which runs along the wall from one side of your room to the other, if more than one person will be using the office at a time. It becomes two desks in one.

Prioritize Storage

Storage is key in any home office, but it is especially important in a multifunctional office/bedroom. Use your vertical space by adding several levels of shelving. The space under your sofa bed or daybed is also valuable real estate that can be used to store your office supplies, files, or other miscellaneous items that clog up your desk.

Ideas for Adding a Home Office in your Guest Bedroom

If you already have—or want to have—a guest bedroom with a real, traditional bed, but you now need to work from home, then here are some ideas for adding a home office to your extra bedroom without sacrificing comfort for your guests.

Keep Desks Against the Wall

Since the bed is the primary focus of your guest bedroom/home office, you will want to keep your desk pushed into the wall to create the most usable space possible. Having your desk face the wall—and away from the bed—can also give you a sense of separation between the office workspace and the place for rest, without visually disrupting the cohesion of the room.

Use Small Writing Desks

If you do not need a large space to work, then consider a small writing desk that fits easily into the smaller nooks and corners of your room. Desks that are collapsible or that fold out, like a secretary desk, are also stylish options that can save space while providing extra storage.

Get Creative with Your Closets

Closets can be a great multifunctional space if you organize them correctly. You can divide the closet in half, devoting some of the space to your home office needs and the other to your guests. For example, storage bins are useful for keeping track of files, crafting materials, and office supplies, but they are also good places for guests to unpack their clothes and other luggage. Apportion your closet space to best fit your needs and be sure to use every vertical inch.

Add a Touch of Inspiration

Hang inspiring and motivating art on the walls that get you in the mood to work, but that can also create a relaxing atmosphere for your guests. An important note here is to make sure you use a unified color palette so that the office portion of the room and the guest bedroom portion feel like one integrated space.

Make the Most of These Home Office/Guest Bedroom Transformation Ideas

With these ideas for having a home office in your guest bedroom, you can create the perfect oasis from the hustle of New York City. Your apartment is what you make of it, and the options are endless for multifunctional space.

Create More Multifunctional Spaces

While a home office in a guest bedroom is a common, useful combination, you can take many of these tips and apply them to your own needs. For example, you can combine your guest bedroom with a crafting or sewing room. Or you can use a Murphy bed in your guest bedroom that can fold up during the day, leaving an open space in the center of the room that is great as a children’s play area. Art studio, reading room, home gym—if you can envision it, then our tips for designing multifunctional spaces can help you achieve it.

Start with the planning and prioritizing phase, then research your purchases before buying big items. Once these bug furniture pieces are in, add the finishing decorative touches that give the space cohesion using well thought out color palates and clever, space saving solutions.

Enjoy Your Hard Work

Finally, make the most of your home office and guest bedroom combination by using the space. With most travel restrictions because of Covid-19 lifted, invite your loved ones to visit and experience your transformed guest bedroom. Work from home in style and enjoy the productivity and tranquility that comes from a purposefully curated workspace that you designed yourself.

Make Your Home Office/Guest Bedroom Transformation a Reality

A spare room can become one of the most important, pleasant spaces in any NYC apartment. In your combination home office/guest bedroom, you can work and relax in comfort before getting back out there in the hustle of the city.

Contact a real estate expert today to help you find the perfect two-bedroom apartment to turn your dream work-from-home oasis into reality!