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Dining Tables That Grow


Let’s face it, not all of us have the space in our apartment for that dream dinner party. The classic dining table can take up half a room–and it’s something certain square footage can simply not afford. That’s where the extendable table comes into play. In 2022, the options for a dining table that literally grows are endless. They can be tailored to your living room, your style, and the number of people on that imaginary guest list. When unfolded, what appears to be a simple desk can turn a table for two into a table for five. When you’re done– simply tuck it back into place and regain your space.

Here are some options for every budget that’ll make choosing a new table fun and realistic.

Extendable Dining Options (For Fans of Practicality and a Classic Aesthetic)

Crate & Barrel Pratico Extension Square Dining Table

Price: $1,299.00

Width Dimension Pre-extension: 39.25″

Width Post-extension: 74.75″

These dining tables have that signature look, with six colors guaranteed to match any taste in interior decor. This item is a Crate & Barrel signature, with a made-to-order promise. Each table is uniquely chosen and crafted for you and your space. The tables are assembled in Italy, by craftsmen who know just how to capture that refined and rustic look. The table, in its original form, seats up to four. When extended, it doubles that number–seating eight guests comfortably. They call this extension the table’s ‘leaves’; and they easily slide into place with wooden arm supports. Each table is made with tulipwood and their most popular shade, ‘nero noce’, is a brown stain finish that perfectly compliments a warmer toned room. Another popular shade, named ‘Dama’, has a cream colored finish that is sealed with beeswax. To care for your Pratico table, remove any dust with a soft dry cloth and avoid potentially harmful cleaners.

West Elm Mid-Century Expandable Dining Table

Price: $799-$999

Length Pre-extension: varies

Length Post-extension: varies

West Elm is known for its gorgeous and classic furniture options. Their best selling mid-century expandable dining table comes in three convenient sizes, tailored to your home. Each option can be extended, increasing the width of the tabletop to accommodate your future guests. The dining tables are Fair-Trade certified. (You can learn a bit more about what that means here.)The legs create a stunning A-frame detail, and the entire table can be crafted using an acorn or pebble finish. The ‘leaves’ of this table are included with each purchase; to be stored separately and attached when needed. Each table is made in Vietnam, and can be delivered directly to your door or your local West Elm store.

GDF Studio Bronwen Wood Dining Table With Leaf Extension

Price: $281.00

Length Pre-extension: 39.50’’

Length Post-extension: 50.25’’

This option is a bit more budget friendly; marketed at just below $300 dollars for a classic and versatile dining table. At its standard length, the table seats four guests with ease. When extended, it adds two additional places. The table comes in two neutral shades; a dark oak top with complimentary cream colored legs. This piece is handcrafted, guaranteeing that homegrown country look and feel.

IKEA EKEDALEN Extendable Table

Price: $299

Length Pre-extension: 47 1/4 ”

Length Post-extension: 70 7/8 ”

IKEA is a brand we’ve trusted since the 1940s–and with good reason. Their tables are well-crafted and affordable– with options for every taste. The EKEDALEN table comes in three classic shades: brown, dark brown, and white. The table is easy to extend, expanding the table from four to six settings. The ‘leaves’ can be stored safely under the tabletop, which makes the item’s design more convenient than other options on the market. Each table slightly varies in its finish, with unique grain patterns for a natural, classic look. One user’s review on Ikea’s website promises the following: “This table is the perfect compromise. It fits in the space we have and can expand for extra seating when we need it. It was easy to put together and very easy to expand.” Here’s a trusty video on how to assemble and use your EKEDALEN.

Greenington Currant Extendable Dining Table

Price: $1,892-$2,038

Length Pre-extension: varies

Length Post-extension: varies

This Greenington brand extendable table comes in two signature shades– a darker oak and a lighter ’walnut’ finish. The ‘Currant’ selection is made from Moso bamboo, which is not only gorgeous but environmentally friendly. In fact–the Greenington brand was a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. The table includes one removable extension, which can be stored elsewhere when not in use. According to Houzz, a retailer of Greenington, solid bamboo is 20% stronger and harder than your typical oak wood material.

Extendable Dining Options (For Those With More Modern Tastes)

SK New Interiors Extendable Round Dining Room Table

Price: $380

Length Pre-extension: varies

Length Post-extension: varies

This round table is a more modern take on the traditional dining surface. It comes in both a white and medium brown variety and both can blend in well with most interior styles. SK is a family owned company, and their extendable table can transform a quick and casual family dinner to a proper party with friends. The table is both chic and classy, yet simple and affordable. It’s a smaller model, perfect for a studio or one bedroom.

Casabianca Stainless Steel Extendable Dining Table

Price: $1,000-$1,374

Length Pre-extension: varies

Length Post-extension: varies

Part of Casabianca’s modern ‘CLOUD’ collection, this glass and stainless steel table is a gorgeous option that’ll both look good and fit right into your dining room. It comes in multiple sizes, tailored to your spatial requirements. Casabianca swears by its appeal to the “purity and the cleanliness of contemporary design.”

IKEA KALLHÄLL Extendable Table With Storage

Price: $229

Length Pre-extension: 14’’

Length Post-extension: 57’’

Coming as likely no shock to most, IKEA returns with a more modern take on the extendable table phenomena. Not only can this table essentially shapeshift, it comes with its own storage to boot. The KALLHÄLL table is a gateleg design that comes in a light or darker gray. This table is better suited for smaller homes, seating two to four guests. The storage hub, located under the tabletop, is a great place to store anything you desire–further saving space in your apartment.

Dormify Extension Wood Side Table

Price: $131

Length Pre-extension: varies

Length Post-extension: varies

Dormify is a brand aimed at teens to recent college graduates, and their options in furniture are cute, affordable, and fun. Their extension wood side table can double as a desk and a dining option for students living in typically smaller spaces. The surface is handcrafted acacia-wood, with a reddish brown finish. The pull-out table top is easy to slide in and out of place, and creates a unique shape perfect for dining with a friend. This table is both convenient and a conversation piece!

Birch Lane Piedmont Extendable Dining Table

Price: $1,394

Length Pre-extension: 36’’

Length Post-extension: 54’’

Birch Lane has been a trusted name in interior design for a couple years now, and their Piedmont extendable dining table veers off from their typical traditional sensibilities. The table is approximately counter height, and combines a farmhouse style design with a more modern twist. It seats two to four at its original length, but transforms with ease into a table fit for eight. The paneled design on the table’s surface sets it apart from your classic dining surface. The table also features two shelves to store kitchenware, books, or anything you please. Its natural wood finish is appealing to the eye, as well as relatively versatile in its style.

Unico Italia Axel Extendable Dining Table

Price: $2,848-$3,350

Length Pre-extension: varies

Length Post-extension: varies

This extendable glass dining table is fit for larger spaces (that could still use a little breathing room!) The table comes in a wide variety of sizes, customized to your specific needs. The legs come in shades of walnut and wenge, and even the glass has variety. It comes in clear, extra clear, mirrored, or black–each with their own modern finish. An anchored aluminum guard bar holds the table together, and even that component can be customized to a color of your choosing. This table is truly perfect for that dinner party aspiration!

Why Go With an Extendable Dining Table?

Decor Tips shares some insight into why choosing an extendable dining table is more popular than ever. Not only is an expandable option great for maximizing space in the home; the pieces themselves tend to be much easier to maneuver than your standard tables. (Making it possible to both save room and redecorate on a whim!) Because of the option’s growing popularity, more and more colors, styles, and sizes are being produced. There’s truly something out there for everyone and every home. Some tables have wings, ‘leaves’, sliding surfaces, and more. Each variety reaches the same goal in a different fashion, doubling or tripling your table settings with different appearances. Extendable tables are the way to go in 2022; it’s time to follow what’s trending.