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Local Law 97: NYC’s Green New Deal

According to the NYC government, buildings are the number one source of greenhouse gas emission in the city. That is why city leaders have taken steps to regulate development to protect the environment while still…

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What Is a Ground Lease?

Do you know what a ground lease is? What about a land lease building?…

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Meet the Company Behind Billionaire’s Row: Extell Development

What is Extell Development? Extell Development is an American real estate developer, known for a variety of properties. They have produced commercial, residential, mixed-use, retail, and hospitality properties and are…

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Do Home Buyers Need an Apartment Inspection in NYC?

There are many costs associated with buying property in New York City. Although apartment inspections in NYC do not constitute the most major of these, they represent an area of…

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How to Read an Engineering Report

You have probably heard about building inspectors, right? You know that it is a good idea to have one look over your home before you sell or buy to make…

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