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Your Guide to the Astoria NYC Neighborhood


The Astoria NYC neighborhood is a vibrant Queens community. For those apartment hunting, there are tons of reasons to call Astoria your new home: great nightlife, amazing restaurants, unique shops, and a wonderful sense of community. What more is there to ask for? Check out what makes Astoria so great with our comprehensive guide to the neighborhood.

A Guide to Astoria, Queens: New York City’s Hidden Gem

A Brief History of Astoria

Astoria is located in the western portion of New York City’s Queens borough. Bordering the East RIver, Long Island CIty, Sunnyside, and Woodside, Astoria is located in a prime location within NYC. Currently, the neighborhood is estimated to have a population of approximately 96,000 residents.

Originally known as Hallet’s Cove, Astoria became the home of William Hallet and his family in 1652 during a wave of early settlers. Later on, the land was renamed for John Jacob Astor, who was the wealthiest man in America at the time. His investment in Astoria’s growth—which in modern money was only around $500—cemented his legacy. Today, Astoria is truly diverse thanks to the wonderful influences of the various cultures that have emigrated there. Astoria’s community is what makes it great.

20 Great Things to Do in Astoria, Queens, NYC

Take a Stroll Through Astoria Park

Among NYC’s myriad world-class parks, Astoria Park stands out as a must-explore when the mood strikes and the weather permits. The scenic park is the perfect place to hang out with friends or spend quality time with family. Fun fact: Astoria Park is home to the biggest and oldest public swimming pool in NYC. The park has outdoor tennis courts, tons of cool trails, basketball courts, fields, playgrounds for kids, and more! There’s wifi hotspots throughout the vicinity so visitors can stay connected, even pop up eateries for those in need of a snack. Check out Astoria Park’s web page for more information.

Catch a Laugh or a Show at Astoria’s Q.E.D

The Q.E.D is one of Astoria’s most popular nightlife stops. The venue hosts about eighty events monthly–ranging from comedy shows to film screenings to tons of fun little classes. Attending any one of these events is a great way to bond with friends—and leave the kids with the babysitter. All shows at the Q.E.D are 16+—meaning the little ones will have to sit this out. There is no food or drink minimum for events—but there are tons of drink and food options available for attendees. For shows that aren’t sold out–tickets are available at the door.

However it’s always better to purchase tickets online—they go fast. The best part of Q.E.D? It’s an independently run woman-owned business—driven to represent and entertain its community. In 2022- the Q.E.D was voted the #1 comedy venue in NYC! Here is Q.E.D’s current calendar—so you can begin exploring upcoming events.

Visit HiFi Records for all Your Music Needs

Functioning as both a record store and charming cafe–HiFi might just be your next favorite hangout spot. Grab a coffee and begin digging—searching through the tons of modern and vintage records in stock. Check out their website here.

Stop by the Museum of Moving Image

The Museum of Moving Image serves to highlight the magic of film, tv, photography, and entertainment in the modern day. The museum has a series of permanent exhibitions—as well as temporary shows that keep visitors interested in returning over and over again. For fans of the popular television series The Walking Dead, the museum is currently hosting “Living With the Walking Dead” through January—which includes tons of interesting facts about the show’s production and success. For more information about permanent exhibitions and scheduled events click here.

Eat and Drink at Astoria Bier and Cheese

Home to the largest variety of beer and cheeses in New York City, Astoria Bier and Cheese is a must-visit in the neighborhood. Their menu is available online here.

Shop at The Brass Owl

The Brass Owl is a cute little shop located in Astoria, NYC with tons of goods made here in New York City. Currently they’re selling adorable care packages–which is the perfect last minute gift for those a bit behind on their holiday checklist. The care packages are adjustable in price, and can be customized to your liking. Things like mugs, soaps, bath bombs, and more can be added–making the perfect local present.

Grab a Treat at the Queens Bakehouse

Located at 33-04 Broadway in Astoria NYC, the Queens Bakehouse is home to tons of adorable treats and goodies to start your morning commute off right. Take a peek at their menu here.

Start Your Day off on the Right Foot with the Help of Astoria Coffee

Originally a manufacturer of coffee beans for delivery, Astoria Coffee is now a charming shop with tons of great caffeine blends and goodies for those in the area. Much of their treats come from local sources so you can easily support your new community.

Check Out the Amazing Welling Court Mural Project

The Welling Court Mural Project is an amazing art exhibition that highlights local artists. Started in 2009, the project began as a collective decision led by creative Jonathan Ellis as an effort to “spruce up” the neighborhood. Today, the amazing murals left in its wake are available for free public viewing, 24 hours a day.

Take a Walk on the RFK Bridge

Known originally as the Triborough bridge (and still called that by any true New Yorker), the RFK bridge is located with convenient access to Astoria NYC. A walk across it is the perfect way to sightsee for free and is perfect for a morning jog.

Visit the Wolfhound With Friends

The Wolfhound is a great spot to spend a Friday night with friends, and is home to tons of great events. Some include live performances, karaoke, and trivia nights. The venue’s calendar is available here.

How About a Stop at the Let Love Inn?

Astoria’s Let Love Inn is a charming little bar with tons of uniquely named cocktails–including the Bukowski, banned for the famous poet. Like many other nightlife spots in the area, the Let Love Inn has its own series of events worth checking out. From special DJs spinning good music to live performances–there’s tons to enjoy.

Eat at Pão De Queijo

This well-known and certainly well-visited spot for Brazilian cuisine is conveniently located in Astoria–and is a great spot for lunch or dinner. They’re known for their salads and special acai bowls.

Or Grab a Bite at The Bonnie

The Bonnie is a great spot for dinner and drinks–and the restaurant stays open until midnight! The restaurant offers private rooms for events and is also known for their spectacular brunch menu.

Find Something New to Read at The Astoria Bookshop

The Astoria Bookshop is a charming spot selling new and used reads. For those who can’t resist a stroll through the shelves–The Astoria Bookshop can become your next favorite place to shop. Check out their instagram here and their website–to pre-order new and trending texts.

Visit the Nearby Noguchi Museum

Founded in 1985–the Noguchi Museum is a great place to visit in Queens. It began as a project from the mind of Isamu Noguchi–and is now a thriving home for culture, art, and amazing exhibitions. The museum is home to the largest collection of Noguchi’s works–as well as temporary shows which highlight other artists or explore the works already at hand.

Find Your New Favorite Greek Spot in Taverna Kyclades

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Taverna Kyclades is a local spot for Greek cuisine worth trying. They have a daily lunch special for dining in or taking out–and their menu is irresistible.

Try a Tasty Soup Dumpling at Bund Dumpling House

[insert image here]

Specializing in homemade soup dumplings, boodles, and various other forms of asian cuisine–the Bund Dumpling House is the perfect place to grab a bite after work with friends or order takeout food for the family. The food is so good–you’ll be craving it daily!

Enjoy an Afternoon at the Socrates Sculpture Park

[insert image here]

The Socrates Sculpture Park is home for tons of interesting sculptures and is the perfect place to relax—with a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline. Updated annually, the park hosts tons of cool exhibits to explore and revisit whenever you desire. Check out their website here.

Play Some Pool at Break Bar

The Break Bar is a great spot to end a long day–with tons of great drinks and games to play. There’s pool and ping pong tables available– as well as giant jenga, foosball, and mini basketball. Check out their reviews on yelp here.

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