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Meet the Company Behind Billionaire’s Row: Extell Development


What is Extell Development?

Extell Development is an American real estate developer, known for a variety of properties. They have produced commercial, residential, mixed-use, retail, and hospitality properties and are known for their involvement in kickstarting Billionaire’s Row in New York City.

What is Billionaire’s Row? The title refers to the stretch of properties below Central Park, and a large portion of Manhattan’s Upper East Side neighborhood.

At the moment, Extell Development Company is considered to be the most active building co. in all of Manhattan–with a company portfolio exceeding twenty million square feet!

Who Founded Extell Development?

The Extell Development Company was founded in 1989 by Gary Barnett. Born in Manhattan’s lower east side, he later moved to Monsey, New York. He got his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Queen’s college, and his master’s in economics at CUNY Hunter. These skills and general expertise lead him to pursue a career in real estate. Prior to 2005, he titled his company Intell Management and Investment.

Before he became the mastermind behind Billionaire’s row, Barnett was initially a diamond trader in Belgium. Later, he returned to the United States, beginning to purchase shopping malls and other commercial properties in the midwest. In 1998, he developed what is now known as the W Times Square–and his interest in property construction took flight.

Gary Barnett has been praised and awarded for his involvement in American real estate. In 2011, he was an American Institute of Architects honoree. He also received an award from them later on. That same year, he was ranked number six in The Commercial Observer’s Power 100 list. In following years, he was eventually ranked both number three and number one on the same list.

Extell Development is still a powerhouse in New York City real estate, and is known by all in the industry.

Extell Development’s Most Well-Known Properties

Before we dive into some of their current listings, here are a few properties the Extell Development Company is well-known for in New York City. Hopefully, these will provide you with an idea of their power and influence within NYC; as well as the versatility of their properties.

The Orion Building

The Orion Building is a residential skyscraper located on 350 West 42nd Street. It’s known for its placement on the Times Square segment of the skyline. Like its namesake constellation, the building truly sparkles. While it’s certainly costly, there are many benefits for living in one of the Orion’s 551 residential units. Located in a prime district, it is surrounded by entertainment options, restaurants, and shops. Many residents are able to bear the hectic movement of tourists outside their doors in return for its many amenities. This skyscraper is a feat achieved only by the Extell Development Company.

The W Hotel in Times Square

Anyone visiting New York from out of state may likely have considered staying at the W Times Square. Known for its proximity to the bright lights, Broadway, and all a tourist may desire–the hotel is a luxury fixture in the area. One of Extell’s initial developments, the hotel retains influence today.

The hotel has many options for suites and deluxe rooms, as well as two restaurants of its own. There is also a wonderful communal lounge, inspired by the Times Square of decades past. The rooms include stellar city views that truly immerse tourists in the heart of commercial Manhattan. As a staple of Extell Development Company’s repertoire, it’s certainly worth a mention.

One Manhattan Square

We’ll see this building again later, on our list of current properties on the market. Still- it must be mentioned, as one of Extell Development’s greatest feats. Located at 252 South Street (or Cherry street, depending)– this building was finished in 2017. It is the highest structure in the Manhattan bridge area, and is known for a plethora of amenities and the luxury lifestyle provided for residents.

995 Fifth Avenue

995 Fifth avenue is known for its location near the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park on Manhattan’s upper east side. Although it wasn’t initially developed by Extell, it is now owned by them–and has transformed into one of the most luxurious residential buildings in the neighborhood.

The One57 Building

Located at 157 West 57th street, and formerly known as Carnegie57, this seventy five story luxury building is another staple in Extell Development’s portfolio. The building merges a hotel on the lower floors with a series of condominium units above.

It was the first building on Billionaire’s Row, making it the perfect choice to end this list. It is a true highlight of Extell’s properties, as well as their influence.

The building glows with a blue hue in the daytime, with a facade of exterior panels creating the effect. A curved roof has become a part of the building’s signature look. Apparently, the project has been sitting in the back of CEO Gary Barnett’s mind since 1998, when he first acquired the site. He began construction plans in 2009. Upon its completion in 2014 it was briefly the tallest residential building in NYC.

Current Listings From Extell Development

Here at NewDevRev, we have a plethora of luxury listings developed by the Extell Development Company. For prospective buyers, here’s a few highlights.

One Manhattan Square

One Manhattan Square is perfect for those seeking a forever home. It has 815 units, with 81 stories overall. At this very moment, there are 32 available condominiums available for purchase.

Manhattan’s Two Bridges neighborhood, the building’s prime waterfront location, provides access to tons of culture and entertainment. The views are positively stellar, and residents enjoy a plethora of luxury amenities, including a one acre outdoor garden.

Brooklyn Point

Located at 138 Willoughby St in downtown Brooklyn, this luxury property is bound to delight. Built in 2019, this is a relatively new construction with 68 total stories and 482 units within. At the moment, there are 10 available listings.

There are condominium options ranging from studios to three bedrooms. The neighborhood is a vibrant and lively place to call home. There’s tons of shopping options, cozy parks, and culture within the area. Each condominium boasts tons of views of Brooklyn and Manhattan skylines. Katherine Newman Design crafted each unit–and imbued a modern feel throughout.

Brooklyn Point features the highest residential infinity pool in the Western Hemisphere, as well as an outdoor movie theater, communal spaces, game room, wine library, and more.

The Kent Building

Built in 2018 and located in Manhattan’s Yorkville neighborhood, this luxury listing is certainly worth checking out. Ranging from two bed to five bed units, this is a condo-retail building type. Their website calls it “The Upper East Side’s Most Valuable Address”, and for good reason.

The Kent has over three floors of amenities for residents, and they begin on the lobby floor. A wood-paneled lobby with a gorgeous chandelier greets you when you return, with a communal parlor located adjacent to the space. There’s an indoor pool and sauna, with a private fitness center.

For parents, there’s a “Camp Kent” indoor play space for children to socialize and explore. It’s decorated with a tree house and tons of campground themed toys and surfaces. For those entertaining guests, there’s a lounge with a pool table, TV, and kitchen overlooking the courtyard.

Lastly the indoor sound center, designed by none other than Lenny Kravitz, is the perfect place for practice and performances aimed for the musically inclined.

Central Park Tower

Located at 217 West 57th street, this midtown marvel is perfect for those seeking luxury living. Built in 2019, this building is relatively new–with 131 stories and 179 units. At the moment, there are 26 available listings—ranging from studios to eight bed homes. The views from this building are legendary, with many facing Central Park from above.

Known for its place on Billionaire’s Row and its insane height—the building has quickly become a staple of the New York City skyline. It is the second tallest building in all of New York City.

There are an abundance of amenities available for residents, including an entire floor (#100) transformed into a private club. Multiple lounges are situated throughout the building, including one aimed for teens and tweens. Theaters, play rooms, an indoor pool, fitness center, spa, and basketball court round out the amenities. Floor 100’s private club is known as the tallest private club in the world, with a ballroom, kitchen, and bar.

There are many benefits to living in Extell Development’s Central Park Tower–and there’s units simply waiting for you to call home. Interested in Moving to an Extell Property?

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