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The Latest in Robot Vacuums


It’s been said a cluttered space indicates a cluttered mind–and no one needs more mess. Robot vacuums are the surest solution to maintain a clean and happy home. The vacuums are programmed to navigate and clean your floors automatically while you address other household chores. It’s an advanced tech solution to maintaining a spotless home, without the consumer lifting a finger. While the first of its kind entered the market in 1996, the options have never been as diverse and effective as they are today. Their recent popularity is a sure sign of their efficacy–and there’s a variation for every floor, need, and budget.

Some recent technological advances include self-emptying dustbins, three stage cleaning systems, slimmer designs, and even more.

Keeping tidy isn’t the challenge it once was, and what follows is a list of the latest top robot vacuums for your next worthy purchase.

Here Are the Latest (and Greatest) Robot Vacuums

Eufy Robovac 25c

Best for: budget

Price: $200-$249

This robovac is wifi connected with voice control, Amazon Alexa and Google assistant compatibility– complete with its own convenient app. Listed for $200 at target and $249 on the Eufy website–this popular budget-friendly device is the most affordable on our list of robot vacuums.

The vacuum comes with a high-powered Li-Ion battery, promising hours of use on a full charge. Its suction power is a solid 1500 Pa (don’t worry–I had no idea what Pa stood for either), referencing a Pascal, the unit used to measure atmospheric pressure. Essentially, indicating how strong the vacuum’s suction power is. The higher the number, the better its capabilities.

The device has your standard range of multi-surface cleaning capacity; from basic carpets to harder surfaces. It comes with a remote control, a tool for cleaning the vacuum itself, one replacement side brush, and a set of cable ties. The Eufy Robovac 25c is perfect for a quick and efficient clean while you tend to other pressing household tasks.

Roomba i7+7550 Wifi Connected Robot Vacuum

Best for: navigation/mapping + self-maintenance

Price: $785

The Roomba i7+7550 Wifi Connected Robot Vacuum is Roomba’s most popular recent release. It’s the first of Roomba’s kind to ‘self-empty’; doing so an average of thirty times before needing a dustbin replacement. Its premium “3 stage” cleaning system eradicates more stubborn dirt and waste than ever before. What sets the Roomba brand apart are its highly rated navigation systems, which map your floor to avoid bumping into larger objects or running over anything potentially harmful.

The i7+7550 has the finest of navigation tech, mapping your floor with a more extensive range than previously marketed products. Rather than one side brush for sweeping and controlling messes, this Roomba has dual rubber brushes that don’t tangle with difficult messes. Its filter is known to trap allergens and is ideal for cleaning pet hair.

This Roomba is wifi connected, Alexa compatible, and has 10x the suction power of the previous Roomba model. With its patented VSlam navigational system, it copies and remembers the layout of your home–cleaning everything neatly and efficiently. (It even allows you to create blocked zones on the app, where the Roomba cannot travel.) However, its intelligence doesn’t stop there.

This Roomba acts like something straight out of Star Wars, with its ability to learn your cleaning habits and create personal scheduling suggestions for you. The iRobot assistant app can activate the device through your voice. It’s as simple as saying “Hey, Roomba, clean the kitchen”–straight from the comfort of your living room couch.

Shark AV1010AE Robot Vacuum

Best for: suction capabilities

Price: $385

The Shark AV1010AE Robotic Vacuum is also self-emptying, but boasts a remarkably powerful suction power to reach and destroy even the toughest of messes. It’s recommended for any surface, from hard floors to carpeting. Its bagless, self-emptying capabilities allow the Shark vacuum to acquire up to 45 days worth of dirt and mess before it requires a fresh bin. It uses ‘row-by-row’ technology to clean every surface evenly–assuring a spotless finish. It also has mapping technology–faster than any previous Shark model.

It is compatible with both Alexa and the Google assistant, as well as its own SharkClean app. You can request it to clean one room or the entire home with just your voice. It’s recommended for homes with pets, as Shark’s dual brushes are known to capture even pet hair and dander. Using the SharkClean app, you can schedule the vacuum to clean any part of the home, hours or days in advance. While you’re running errands, working overtime, or hanging out with friends–you can have peace of mind knowing your smart vac is home and hard at work.

Roborock S7

Best for: scrubbing + suction abilities

Price: $649

The Roborock S7 knows certain messes require a little more than sheer suction. Promising an ability to both vacuum and mop floors, the Roborock scrubs stains deep out of carpeting and hardwood floors. It eliminates dried dirt that’s embedded itself into your surfaces, such as mud your dog tracked across kitchen tiles or coffee spilled days ago on your living room carpet. Its suction weighs in at a whopping 2500 Pa, knocking some competitors out of the park. The robo vac is intelligent, knowing when to employ and to lift its mopping component. It recognizes a transition from harder floors to carpeting, immediately knowing how to shift gears and tackle different surfaces. New to the Roborock brand is its floating rubber brush, beating the previous bristled design with spinning blades for a more effective clean. It has a child lock to avoid becoming your toddler’s new favorite toy, as well as automatic room recognition, and Alexa compatibility.

Eufy RoboVac G30

Best for: a silent clean + slim design

Price: $318.99

The Eufy RoboVac G30’s slim design allows the vacuum to travel to those hard to reach places–ensuring a proper clean. The device is known for its silence; it can run while you and the family get some rest. Using its own Eufy app, you can schedule when and where the RoboVac cleans–with an updated navigation system comparable to some of its rivals.

The app also provides a cleaning history, letting the user know when and where has been cleaned last–tailoring a personal schedule. It has a 12 month warranty, promoting a ‘peace-of-mind’ purchase. Its suction power weighs in at 2000 Pa–higher than some of Eufy’s alternatives. Its ‘BoostIQ’ technology knows when to temporarily increase suction for difficult debris. While this isn’t the newest Eufy on the market, it is a tried and true budget friendly option for new robot vacuum consumers.

iRobot Roomba i4+

Best for: battery life

Price: $538

The iRobot Roomba i4+ boasts a 20% stronger battery power than other Roomba models. Not only this, but its reactive sensor aids in ensuring the Roomba doesn’t hit any large objects or get stuck in any difficult places. Its classic Roomba navigation and mapping system maps your home (and every room in it) in neat, even rows. It’s particularly efficient on carpets, but can cover a diverse range of surfaces–with sensors that differentiate between them.

It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Roomba app. Its battery life allows one charge to cover days of cleaning–making it worth every penny. Its classic ‘3 stage cleaning system’, referenced in one of our other Roomba listings, promises excellent results with visibility cleaner surfaces. Its ‘Dirt-Detect’ technology allows it to recognize dirtier areas of the home, and clean them with intenser suction. Its self-emptying capability allows for up to 60 days of effortless efficiency.

Samsung Jet Bot AI+ Vacuum With Object Recognition

Best for: object recognition + overall capabilities

Price: $1,099

Samsung’s newest Jet Bot has extremely precise 3D sensors built to identify and recognize objects in its path. While it has the highest pricing on our list, this vacuum is worth the splurge. It has adjustable suction power, tailored to every surface and every need. It has a home view streaming video capability to watch its progression, as well as intelligent power control (that adjusts itself for you!) It comes with a self-cleaning and self-emptying station–promising little to no effort on your part for the vacuum’s own upkeep.

Its LiDAR mapping automatically crafts accurate maps for each of your rooms, with the option for you to edit and tailor each map manually in the app for even better accuracy. Its 5-layer filtration system captures 99.9% of even the finest dust particles. It is recommended for any surface; with the ability to identify between them and even calculate the amount of dust on every inch.

It provides a live cleaning report while you’re on the go, letting you know just how much progress the device has made in your absence. The washable dust bin allows for reuse as opposed to the standard replacement system. Its wonderful reviews on Samsung’s website indicate that by all accounts, this is definitely a top pick for robot vacuums in 2022.

Why Choose a Robot Vacuum?

Say goodbye to the days of an extra chore on your list and hello to automatic cleaning. Robot vacuums are programmed to efficiently map and tackle every room and every mess in your home. In 2022, their technological advancements are total game changers. They are a must have for the modern homeowner.