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Here Are the Best Pet Cameras for Your NYC Apartment

Pet Camera Cute Dog

Having a pet in NYC can be stressful and expensive. There are so many pet products you have to buy, and services you have to pay for to make sure your pet is happy and healthy. If you want a way to keep tabs on your cat or dog while at work without having to hire a pet sitter, then this list of the current best pet cameras can give you peace of mind while at work, out for dinner, or on vacation.

But with so many pet camera options out there, how are you supposed to know which device is the right choice for you? Here is our guide to the best pet cameras for your NYC apartment based on value, functionality, and dependability.

Furbo 360

The Furbo 360 is the gold standard of pet cameras.

Furbo 360 Design and Specs

It has a sleek, white design that fits into almost any home decor. Its large array of features allow you to interact with your dog from anywhere; you can talk to your pet using two-way audio, and you can even toss treats using the Furbo 360. But don’t worry–Furbo’s spill proof design ensures that your pet will not get into the treats while you are away. The Furbo 360 has a 1080p, HD camera that includes night vision and 4x zoom features. The camera can rotate 360 degrees so that you can find your pet no matter where they hide.

Furbo 360 Features

Customizable bark alerts let you know when your pup is making noise. These push notifications are sent to your phone, and can be adjusted based on your preferences and your dog’s volume. By purchasing the monthly Furbo Dog Nanny subscription, you can also receive notifications of other events, like home emergencies or people coming home. Clips of these events are uploaded to a cloud, so you can check back on what happened throughout the day. This means that Furbo can double as a home security device as well as a pet camera.

Furbo 360 Quick Facts

  • Requirements: Compatible with Android and iPhone. Must have WiFi and Bluetooth. Connects to a power outlet via Micro USB.
  • Size: 5.91×4.72×8.86 inches
  • Price: $210 + optional Dog Nanny monthly subscription

Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera is Furbo’s basic model. Although it is not as advanced as the Furbo 360, it is still a great option for most pet owners.

Furbo Dog Camera Design and Specs

The Furbo Dog Camera has most of the same features as the Furbo 360, but it is not able to rotate. Instead, it uses a 160 degree wide-angle lens that allows you to see a large portion of your home from a fixed point. As with the Furbo 360, the camera is 1080p HD with 4X zoom and night vision. The Furbo Dog Camera also uses the same two way audio technology to allow you to interact with your dog, and has a spill proof treat dispenser built in.

Furbo Dog Camera Features

With a monthly subscription to Furbo Dog Nanny, you can access the same advanced alerts and cloud video clips as those with the Furbo 360. These features are not restricted by the different hardware.

Furbo Dog Camera Quick Facts

  • Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and Android. Must have Bluetooth and WiFi. Connects to the power outlet via Micro USB.
  • Size: 5.91×4.72×8.86 inches
  • Price: $199 + optional monthly Dog Nanny subscription

Petcube Cam

This budget friendly option is great for pet owners who want a simple, reliable pet camera without all of the bells and whistles.

Petcube Cam Design and Specs

The Petcube Cam is a smart 1080p full HD camera. The 110 degree wide angle lens gives you a clear view of the room, and the 8X digital zoom allows you to see your pet up close. Two way audio allows you to hear and speak to your pet, so you can comfort them from anywhere.

The Petcube Cam has high quality night vision that allows you to see up to 30 ft in the dark. The camera automatically switches in low or no light conditions, so you don’t have to worry about making the switch manually.

Petcube Cam Features

The standard Petcube Cam comes with live video streaming, so that you can check in on what your pet is doing real time. However, if you want to see a video history, or get access to video clips of your pet, then you will need to subscribe to Petcube Care, Petcube’s monthly service.

With Petcube Care, you can access 24/7 video history to see what your pet has been up to while you are away. With the Petcube Care Optimal package, you can access this history for up to three days. With the Premium package, you can look back at history for up to 90 days. With the Optimal package, you can download 10 videos captured on your Petcube Cam per month. The Premium package gives you access to unlimited downloads.

All Petcube Care subscriptions come with 30 second video clips, smart alerts for barks, meows, pets, and people, and smart filters for sorting through the video footage more effectively.

Petcube Cam Quick Facts

  • Requirements: Requires WiFi. Compatible with Android and iPhone
  • Size: 2.39 x 2.13 x 3.22 inches
  • Price: $50 + optional monthly Petcube Care subscription

Petcube Play 2

The Petcube Play 2 takes interactive pet cameras to the next level. One of Petcube’s premium products, the Play 2 has built in features to keep your pet entertained no matter where you are.

Petcube Play 2 Design and Specs

The Petcube Play 2 is a white and black, cub shaped pet camera that is made of aluminum and plastic. Its sleek design fits into anyspace, and its high quality, tough materials make it petproof. The Play 2’s camera offers a 160 degree field of vision, and records your pet in 1080p HD with night vision and 4X zoom. For audio, the Play 2 uses 4 microphones and a sound bar, creating a high quality, natural sound. Your pet is sure to recognize your voice through the 2 way audio.

One of Play 2’s most fun features is the built in laser pointer. Your pet can chase the red dot to keep themselves entertained. Simply set it to autoplay, and you can play with your pet remotely with the push of a button.

Petcube Play 2 Features

The Petcube Play 2 comes with some special features that set it above the rest. Via the app, pet owners can chat 24/7 with online veterinarians. You can send the vet video and photographs captured by the Play 2 as you discuss your concerns. This makes the Petcube Play 2 great for anxious pet parents who want advice or reassurance without the expense and time commitment of going in person to a vet.

Through Petcube Care, you can receive smart notifications, and can access and download video clips and history. Play 2 is also equipped with voice command compatibility. You can simply ask Alexa to entertain your pet via home voice command or through the app remotely. This makes Play 2 the first pet camera that can double as a smart speaker.

Petcube Play 2 Quick Facts

  • Requirements: Requires WiFi. Compatible with Android and iPhone. Compatible with Amazon Alexa.
  • Size: 3.6 x 3.2 x 3.6 inches
  • Price: $230 + monthly Petcube Care subscription

Kasa Smart Security Cameras

Kasa Smart is a home product brand that offers a variety of smart devices, including lightswitches, lightbulbs, plugs, and security cameras. In particular, the Kasa Spot Pan Tilt with 24/7 recording is a great option for security-conscious pet owners who want a budget-friendly option.

Kasa Spot Pan Tilt Security Camera Design and Specs

This Kasa Smart camera records in 2K HD video, offering high resolution images with powerful zoom and night vision. It also has a motion sensor, so when something moves in its field of vision, it will track it and keep it in frame. And the Kasa Spot Pan Tilt camera can track your pet anywhere, since it has the largest range of motion of any of the cameras on this list. It can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and 113 degrees vertically, making it especially good for cat owners whose pets love to climb.

Kasa Spot Pan Tilt Security Camera Features

The Kasa Spot Pan Tilt can be programmed and customized to fit your needs. You can set smart detection push alerts to let you know when your pet moves or makes sound. These alerts can be further customized to only apply to certain zones.

For example, if your cat tends to knock things off of shelves, you can set motion alerts for the shelves, but not for, say, the couch. Then, when your cat starts to make trouble, you will receive an alert through your phone. Using the app, you can talk to them through clear, two way audio and tell them to stop. Of course, your cat probably won’t listen, but at least you will be able to record their misbehavior. You can watch it back on Kasa Smart’s secure local and cloud storage, available through the Kasa Care monthly subscription.

Kasa Spot Pan Tilt Security Camera Quick Facts

  • Requirements: Requires WiFi. Compatible with Android and iPhone.
  • Size: 3.2 x 3.2 x 4.4 in.
  • Price: $30 + optional monthly Kasa Care subscription

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