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The Best Ultra Short Throw TVs


Gone are the days of the flatscreen television, and born is the era of the ultra short throw projector. Ultra short throws can do more than your typical projector, allowing a large projection from a shorter distance. Their close range capabilities eliminates the chance of shadows and frees up much needed space in your living room. According to VAVA, “An ultra short throw projector can create a clear 100″ image with the lens just 3-20 inches from the screen, depending on the model.”

In many ways, it just might be the new face of at-home entertainment. What follows is an exploration into Ultra Short Throw technology and the many worthy options on the market today.

So, What are the Benefits of Ultra Short Throw TVs?

  • As mentioned above, Ultra short throws eliminate some of the issues posed by standard projectors. The lens sits three to twenty inches from the screen, with its light projecting upwards as opposed to straight ahead. This way, a clear image is projected without the risk of shadows or improper sizing.
  • The Ultra Short Throw is easy to install, with no need for a professional handyman or any complicated setups.
  • Starting as low as $2,300 for a proper UST, the cost is relatively less than your classic flatscreen television for a similar, if not superior, viewing experience.
  • Projectors are tailored to your individual wants. Need perfect audio? Try a BenQ–with built in surround sound. Prefer to focus on visuals? Try an Optoma with PureVision HD.

For those unfamiliar with the technology, here is a list of the top picks in 2022–to help jumpstart your UST journey.

Ultra Short Throw TOP PICKS

Samsung Premiere LSP9T Projector

Price: $2,999-5,499

Samsung promises an immersive theater-like experience with their bestseller, the Samsung Premiere LSP9T Projector. The standard projector is a 130’’, with laser-throw technology that delivers bright 4k resolution right from the comfort of your own home. Tech Radar gave the projector a stunning 5 star review, certifying its effects for potential consumers. In fact, they even called it the “next generation of living room projection.” They write, “The Samsung Premiere LSP9T is the most comprehensive and all-round successful living room-friendly projector solution we’ve seen to date. Picture quality is largely excellent, and sound quality may be the best we’ve heard from any projector.”

It’s built in sound system rivals even the best of modern television capabilities, and the LSP9T handles HDR with ease. The system itself has a classy design, with an all white top and gray fabric that covers the speakers without impeding sound production. The Premiere’s thin design makes it less bulky than its competitors, and its cables/wires are easily hidden. The system comes with its own small, lightweight remote which is wonderfully convenient (presuming you don’t immediately lose it in your couch cushions.)

For those with Samsung galaxy phones, there’s a neat feature that allows instant streaming connection between your cellular device and the projector with simply a tap. Plus, the built in bluetooth systems allows instant headphone connection, so you can continue to binge your favorite show on HBO while the rest of the family sleeps. Both Alexa and Google assistant are supported by the device’s interface, allowing voice control with ease. From Netflix to Amazon Prime, the system is compatible with most every popular streaming service and all your various subscriptions.

LG CineBeam HU710PW 4K UHD Hybrid Home Cinema Projector

Price: $2,299.99

This projector is perfect for those just starting their UST journey. At $2,299.99–it’s one of the more affordable setups on the market. While appearing sleek and unassuming, this tiny device can display upwards of 300’’ on your screen–with 4K HD quality and vivid color. What sets the LG CineBeam apart? It’s lens shift and zoom component–that allows you to easily adjust screen positioning and sizing for a stellar (and personalized) view. Not only this, but the LG uses an LED and Laser hybrid light source, which provides a uniquely bold quality to the colors on screen. LG’s trademarked ‘Filmmaker Mode’ allows you to watch “every scene, the way the filmmakers intended.” (To make a catchy phrase more obvious, this simply means watching the movie in its original color and frame rate.) The CineBeam comes with its own remote and built-in streaming apps. The classics are available—such as Netflix, Youtube, and more. (Plus–the remote is voice activated. Just for the record.) For i-Phone owners, the projector is airplay compatible–allowing you to stream movies and shows instantly from your phone to the big screen. For those with Androids? The screenshare feature allows you to project your phone activities to the CineBeam in real time. This one’s great for sharing silly home videos and Tiktok for-you pages! Overall, the LG Cinebeam is the perfect choice to get your foot in the door of UST tech.

Optoma CINEMAX-P2 Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

Price: $3,049

ProjectorCentral gave the Optoma CINEMAX-P2 an ‘Editor’s Choice’ award and a 2020 ‘Best of The Year’ certification for its 4K Pure Motion video quality and excellent sound system. The website also rated the CINEMAX five stars in the ‘value’ department, indicating your $3,049 would be a worthy investment.

Unlike some of its competitors, the Optoma has its own built-in Dolby Digital 2.0 audio system with premium sound. The Optoma boasts a six-segment color wheel, to enhance the brightness and spectrum of visuals provided. Not only can you watch television and movies, you can also play games–making this device nearly identical to the modern flatscreen television. PureMotion technology, Optoma’s selling point, is a video processing tech that takes videos filmed in 24fps, and uses transitional frames to “compensate for motion blur and reduce motion judder, resulting in pure fluid motion.”

On the Optoma website, you can explore the interior of the device–learning each component’s function and how they work together in harmony to enhance your entertainment experience.

Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300 Smart Streaming Laser Projector

Price: $1,999.99

Epson’s EpiqVision motto is true to its name: “Go Epic!”

They call themselves a “screenless TV experience”, which makes perfect sense–as every element of the EpiqVision works in tandem to create high quality audio, video, and immersive elements. The sound is developed through Yamaha, with a 2.1 sound system to deliver excellent audio quality and range.

The EpiqVision is compatible with Android TV, allowing access to Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Youtube, Disney Plus, and practically everything in between. PJW magazine named the Epson EpiqVision the “ideal ultra-short throw projector for budget”–noting its the cheapest quality UST on the market in 2022.

The BenQ V7050i Projector

Price: $3,299

The BenQ brand boasts that “the best home theater experience just got better” with the introduction of their BenQ V7050i. The projector provides contrast control, to ensure proper visuals even in brightly lit spaces. It uses 4K UHD with 8.3 million pixels, and offers its own variation of filmmaker mode, ensuring content is viewed exactly as the producers and directors intended. It has built-in surround speakers; ensuring sound is properly dispersed throughout the room to create that theater-like effect. Its louver-design works to reduce dust and keeps the fan silent-making maintenance of the device ten times easier. All BenQ projectors are Google certified with Android-TV; compatible with most major streaming platforms.

AWOL Vision 4K Tri-Color Laser Projector LTV-3500

Price: $5,499

In Awol Vision’s latest and most popular ultra short throw tech, their Tri-Chroma laser engine is certainly their prized jewel. The laser works to light the room around you in vivid rainbow colors; using 3,500 peak lumens of brightness. Dolby ATMOS creates a spatial sound experience, similar to that of the surround sound speakers of a proper movie theater. The display ranges from 80’’-150’’, adjustable to your own space and liking.

One customer review stated the following: “Buy it now, you will be utterly impressed. I got mine a few weeks ago and it blows away all competition on the market in the same price range. You won’t find a better customer service either!”

Well, have you been convinced? Ultra Short Throw technology may sound like a thing of the future; the stuff you read about in eighties science fiction. Home technology is advancing at a rapid rate–propelling us forward into a future of fantastic possibility. Keeping your home up to date with such developments not only keeps you in the modern time, it benefits your life. UST is slowly replacing the flatscreen television, promising an entertainment experience perfect for binge watching Netflix alone in your room, having a family movie night (with microwave popcorn), or hosting your best summer party yet.

The options listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. Ultra Short Throw projector options are vaster than one could possibly list. Check out the choices above, or research those suited for you. Whether you’re focused on cost, visuals, audio, or size—there’s an ultra short throw out there for all of us.