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Decorate Your Home With A TV That Turns Into Art


Give a kiss goodbye to your old television and say a warm hello to these new devices and applications–which turn your TV into art when not in use. Now, it’s easier than ever to style your home and keep up with the latest tech. First developed by Samsung, the concept is taking interior decorators by storm. Here are some top picks for turning your boring old TV into striking art; transforming the look of your living room for good.

How To Turn Your TV into Art in 2022

Buy Samsung’s Frame QLED Smart TVPrice: $899-$999 (for the standard 43″)

Samsung is the pioneer of art TVs, and both the 2021 and 2022 models of their Frame Smart TV are top choices for interested buyers. From start to finish, every element of Samsung’s Frame is completely customizable. First, pick your bezel–which ranges in shades of dark black to light oak, and everything in between.

You can purchase a few different options, swapping them out to coordinate with whatever art your heart desires. They slide on with a magnetic snap, making application and removal a piece of cake. The television is crafted with minimalism in mind; boasting a thin, sleek appearance that’s easy to mount on any wall. The screen’s back is monochromatic; something Samsung swears provides “beauty from every angle.”

When turned off, the TV transforms seamlessly into art of your choosing. While Samsung provides its own collection, to kickstart creativity, you’re welcome to upload and display any art or image of your choice. From modern pieces to personal photographs, the screen becomes your canvas.

Each choice can be filtered, to better blend into the vibe of your home. Want a black and white effect? It’s an easy fix. Enhanced brightness? Sure thing! Each photo is stored in your television’s memory. You can add and delete; updating your library constantly.

Samsung’s collection is in the “Art Store”, which provides 1,400 works of art and photography from institutes and museums worldwide. For unfettered access, the store offers a subscription–which gives you unlimited choices and the ability to change your pick daily, weekly, or monthly. The aesthetics are entirely in your hands.

Samsung’s colors are provided through their “Quantum Dot” technology, which hosts over a million shades with astonishing brightness. The art itself can be formatted to your choosing, with horizontal or vertical options. An easel stand can be purchased–allowing you to display your television like a modern Da Vinci.

Samsung’s Frame ensures you don’t waste energy, with a motion sensor that recognizes when you’re in the room. The art is only displayed when there’s someone to witness it. It’ll turn off on those extended family vacations or tedious 9-5pm absences.
Lastly, the device is Alexa compatible. You can change the image shown with your voice alone.

Samsung’s Frame QLED Smart TV is the obvious choice for first time buyers.

Or … Samsung’s ‘The Serif’ TV

Price: $999.99 – $1499.99

Samsung’s Serif stands on an easel, looking identical to art when not in use. In appearance it’s the centerpiece of a museum display; propped up right in your living room. This choice comes with a slim design and a white frame, with a flat screen display that conceals all cables and connections. The device comes in two sizes; 43’’ and 55’’.

The flatscreen comes with ‘Adaptive Picture’, a tool that senses change in surrounding lights and adjusts your display in tandem. Similarly to the Frame, the device offers access to Samsung’s Art Store and uses its trademark ‘Quantum Dot’ tech for vivid colors.

The television itself was designed by Ronan and Erwan Bourellec; French interior decorators and furniture experts. They claimed the Serif was designed with the purpose of “traveling through times.” Unique from some of its competitors; the flatscreen has an “Ambient Mode” with a few soothing options of moving art.

Choose either the ‘striking leaf’ or ‘textured fabric’, and bring forth the peaceful vibes. The most impressive part? The mode also has the ability to mimic your screen to the wall behind it, providing a practically camouflaged effect.

The possibilities are endless. If you’re on the market for a new television, this is an excellent bet.

And Our Last Samsung Pick? The ‘Sero’

Price: $1,099

The Sero is the most expensive Samsung on our list, and with good reason. Not only can it turn your TV into works of art, but the television rotates to match your image. Yes, you read that right. It literally rotates.
Using Airplay, you can display your social media feed straight on to the screen, and it’ll rotate to mimic the look of your cell phone. Whether it’s a movie, or a work of modern art, the Sero adjusts itself for optimal viewing.

Just like its sister screen, the ‘Serif’, Sero has “ambient mode” built in. It can blend with your wall (vertically OR horizontally) and has five additional options such as morphing into a clock or a Cinemagraph.
For those willing to invest, this is absolutely a top choice for transforming the look of your living room and making your ‘Smart Home’ even more intelligent.

Try the Enplug App

Price: Free to download

Not willing to part with your old TV? The Enplug app is a free, no frills option to displaying art on your television screen. Compatible with most recent Smart TV models, the app can be downloaded directly onto the device, or streamed using AirPlay. Once connected, the app will display a series of free images to choose from–or you can upload your own. Every image is stored in the cloud, and easy to access on a whim. Everything takes about five minutes to set up, and requires no serious investment.

Purchase The Sony A8H Bravia OLED 4k Flat Screen

Price: $1,998

Diverging from our Samsung lineup, the Sony A8H is another worthy pick for those looking to upgrade their living room. The device is built with swivel technology, making the TV easy to remove from its wall mount and set up in unique locations to show off the art of your choice. It’s ‘OLED’ power simply means the screen uses 8 million pixels for advanced contrast and brightness. Whether you’re watching a movie or displaying a Monet, the vivid quality is evident.

Unlike some of our other options, this device is built to blend, frameless, into your wall. Using AirPlay, you can display images and moving pictures from your phone onto the screen, and turn it off when the day is through.

The con? This device is extremely expensive, but provides only half of Samsung’s capabilities. Still, if its sleek design and swivel ability is appealing–it’s certainly a solid choice.

Or Buy The LG GX OLED Series Flat Screen

Price: $1,196

This is one of the thinnest televisions on our list, boasting ‘no gap between the screen and the wall’ on Walmart’s product description. They call it their “gallery design”, which highlights your content. From movies to modern art, the screen has AI Picture Pro which enhances the images. This, as well as a Filmmaker mode, can be toggled on and off in your settings. The device is compatible with both Alexa and Google assistant. The device has a four and a half star rating on Amazon, with tons of favorable reviews.

User Tyler wrote the following: “Let me start my review by saying, this is my first OLED TV, and I’m regretting not getting an OLED earlier. The picture is exceptionally stunning. The LG GX series combines perfect blacks, infinite contrast, and a beautiful gallery-style design that sits flush against the wall to give you a perfect watching experience.”
At the end of the day, it all comes down to preference.

Use Chromecast, To Display Images and Art of Your Choice

Price: $27.99

Google’s Chromecast is a much more cost-friendly option for the desired TV-to-art effect. Here’s a quick guide to setting up the device, before moving forward.

To display art, open up the Google Home app and select your Chromecast. Within the device’s settings, there’s an Ambient mode–with an ‘Art Gallery’ option. This automatically cycles between various art pieces of your choice, from modern designs to timeless classics.

If you’d prefer to display your own family photographs, or amateur masterpieces, there’s a setting for that too. Simply upload your personal collection to Google Photos, and choose the option on Ambient mode of the same name. Just as it would for your van Gogh and Picasso, the Chromecast will cycle through your family portraits all the same.

This option is recommended for those not interested in buying an entire new flatscreen, but still want to spruce up their home aesthetic.

So, What’s Best?

At the end of the day, there’s two clear winners.

As far as televisions go, Samsung’s The Frame started this list for a reason. It is the truest example of a TV that turns effortlessly into art.

Otherwise, Chromecast is a classic choice. It can virtually upgrade your same old television, mimicking the feel of a brand new purchase.

However you turn your TV into art, the effect is bound to be marvelous.