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The Latest NYC Luxury Condo Perk? An Amenity Program

NYC luxury condo amenities are constantly changing and evolving. Developers know that bigger and better amenity offerings are one of the best ways to make their property stand out to buyers. In order to stay competitive, developers have taken amenities beyond what is included inside the walls of their buildings.

One of the latest NYC luxury condo perks is the amenity program: an exclusive set of benefits and programs for building residents. On this page, we will walk you through everything you need to know about amenity programs: what they are, where you can find them, and if an amenity program is right for you.

What Is an Amenity Program?

An amenity program allows developers to offer residents perks and benefits throughout the city. Traditional amenities are limited to what can be included inside of a building: gyms, pools, lounges, etc. Amenity programs break out of this limitation, giving residents access to exclusive benefits and events throughout the city.

What is Included in an Amenity Program?

The kinds of programing included in an amenity program will depend on the specifics of the building, but in general, residents in buildings with amenity programs can enjoy a range of activities like:

  • Exclusive shopping opportunities with brand partners
  • Educational classes on a variety of topics (like cooking, wine tasting, crafting, etc)
  • Preferential reservations at partnered restaurants, gyms, etc.
  • Socials and mixers exclusively for amenity club members
  • Special services like pet care, children’s entertainment, etc.

Amenity program coordinators are constantly on the hunt for new and exciting events and opportunities. There is no limit to the kinds of programming possible through an amenity program or club. Additionally, residents can get in touch with the building’s staff to discuss suggested additions to an amenity program.

How Does an Amenity Program Work?

Typically, a developer will make a deal with brand partners throughout the city to offer exclusive perks to residents. These perks will usually apply across the developer’s portfolio, not to a specific building. Although some events may only be held in certain buildings, they may still be accessible to residents of other buildings in the developer’s portfolio who are willing to make a trip.

To take part in an amenity program event, residents may need to register through the individual business. However, some buildings are streamlining the process by creating their own apps. These apps serve as a central hub for residents, allowing them to sign up for events, request services, pay their bills, authorize guests, and more.

Who Offers an Amenity Program?

Want to learn more? In this section, we will talk about some specific amenity programs for NYC new developments. Take a look to get a better idea of exactly what some of the best amenity programs include.

Related Life

Related Life is the amenity program for residents of Related Companies properties. This includes several major new development condominium buildings throughout NYC, such as:

  • The Courtland
  • Tribeca Green
  • 450 Washington
  • 35 Hudson Yards
  • Lantern House
  • Fifteen Hudson Yards
  • 520 West 28th

The programming through related life is diverse and engaging, including everything from pop-up sushi bars to happy hour socials for dogs (known as “yappy hours”). In addition to these specific events, related life also offers standing benefits with a variety of retailers, gyms, and more. Here are some of their brand partners.

  • CAMP
  • Dog City
  • Soul Cycle
  • Equinox
  • The Health Center at Hudson Yards
  • Little Spain
  • Sandbox

The Mandarin Oriental Residences Fifth Avenue

The Mandarin Oriental Residences Fifth Avenue offers residents exclusive perks at legendary shopping destination Saks Fifth Avenue. Residents can have exclusive access to Saks stylists, such as a digital stylist or an in-person home stylist visit. Residents also have dedicated Saks concierge, opportunities to shop after hours, and same day delivery on purchases.

For food, residents of the Mandarin Oriental Residences Fifth Avenue can enjoy a dedicated contact for reservations at L’Avenue at Saks New York, as well as delivery from Chef Daniel Boulud’s restaurants Boulud Prive and Daniel.

432 Park Avenue


Located on the famed Billionaire’s Row, 432 Park Avenue is one of the most prestigious addresses in the world–and its amenities reflect this. 432 Park Avenue offers a variety of services that go beyond standard condo amenities. Residents can enjoy special events, beauty and health services, celebrity guest appearances, and more.

The team at 432 Park Avenue serves as a full service concierge. They can book tickets for everything from transportation to the latest broadway show. Here are some of the special services 432 Park Avenue residents can enjoy:

  • Pet care and spa services
  • Car shipping and storage
  • Art shipping, installing, and restoration
  • Massage therapy
  • Personal shopping
  • Housekeeping
  • Furniture cleaning and repair
  • Event planning
  • Private charters
  • And more

Pros and Cons of Luxury Condo Amenity Programs

While the benefits of amenity programs may seem obvious, it is important to balance the pros with the cons before buying a new apartment with this perk. Here are the good and bad sides of living in a building with an amenity program.

Benefits of Amenity Programs

The benefits of amenity programs include exclusive access to great events, opportunities, and experiences. For those who want a full luxury living experience, amenity programs are a wonderful way to take day-to-day life to the next level. The best amenity programs help to enrich residential life, smooth away inconveniences, and create a sense of community in the building.

Downsides of Amenity Programs

Like any amenity, the cost of your amenity program will be passed onto you in your monthly common charges. Common charges are monthly bills for all of the expenses associated with the operation of the condo building. For example, the total cost of your common charges can reflect the cost of the building’s:

  • Labor costs and staff salaries
  • Amenity upkeep and fees
  • Management fees
  • Utilities like heat, gas, and water
  • Rent and taxes on certain types of properties
  • And more

These costs are divided up and distributed to all residents of the building, hence being called “common charges.” The cost of an amenities program, like the cost of any other amenity, will be factored into your monthly common charges.

Depending on the breadth and depth of the program, it can significantly increase your monthly bill. If you make the most of the amenities program, you can enjoy exclusive benefits that can save you money and time. However, if you do not plan on using your amenity program, you will still have to pay for your share through the building’s common charges.

This is why it is important to carefully evaluate the projected common charges for your unit before you purchase. Make sure that you can afford it, and then check to see if the perks of the amenities program will be valuable to you. If not, then you can potentially negotiate to be excluded from the amenities program (and associated fees) before closing.

Other Luxury NYC Amenities

Outside of amenities programs, developers are adding more and more innovative luxury amenities to help their property stand out from the pack. Here are some of the hottest new amenities gripping NYC’s luxury real estate scene.

Private and Exclusive Dining

Exclusive dining perks are starting to pop up in some of the toniest new developments in New York City. These perks include things like private, members only restaurants and bars, as well as exclusive reservation access to the city’s hottest restaurants.

The Mandarin Oriental Residences Fifth Avenue’s turnkey luxury apartments are standouts in exclusive dining amenities. Partnering with renowned chef Daniel Boulud, the Mandarin Oriental Residences Fifth Avenue has a residents only restaurant–Boulud Prive–as well as delivery from Chef Boulud’s nearby establishments.

Smart Home Technology

Tech is advancing. As smart home technology becomes more and more prominent, developers are moving towards integrating the latest tech into their projects. From smart doorbells and locks, to smart showers, keep an eye out for smart home technology amenities as you search for your next apartment.

Learn More About Luxury Condo Perks Today

If you are interested in learning more about luxury condo perks–from private dining to amenity programs–reach out to a real estate expert at NewDevRev today. Our team can talk you through available amenity options. Together, we can help you find the perfect NYC apartment to fit your needs.

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