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Sutton Tower Applies Old-World Glamour To New Luxury Homes


Luxury condos aren’t anywhere close to being a new concept in NYC — the city is filled with them. But one of the city’s most luxurious condos getting injected directly into a historic neighborhood, both transforming and enhancing the skyline, and paying homage to the city’s gilded age era? That’s pretty damn new. It’s the story behind Sutton Tower, the latest development from world-renowned Danish architect and designer Thomas Juul-Hansen. Led by the teams at Gamma Real Estate and JVP Management, Sutton Tower is the first new development that the Sutton Place neighborhood has seen in over 45 years.

Residences within the Sutton Tower development recently went on the market, so it’s a good time to get to know this game-changing condo to see if it’s right for your next purchase.

Sutton Tower: The Basics

The tower surges 850 feet into the skyline from its base at 430 East 58th St., located in the Sutton Place neighborhood on the east side of Manhattan. It’s a neighborhood known for old money and waterfront views, being nestled alongside the East River and only steps from the East Midtown Greenway, the United Nations NYC headquarters, and an impressive view of the Ed Koch Queensboro bridge and its Roosevelt Island-bound gondola.

Sutton Tower has 121 residences ranging from one- to five-bedrooms, as well as a penthouse collection and duplex loggia penthouse. Prices for these residences start at $2.35 million and rise to over $19 million for a full-floor penthouse. Get in touch with the team at NewDevRev to kick off the buying conversation and tour a residence.

Architecture at Sutton Tower

Sutton Tower is a proud new addition to the Manhattan skyline with four rounded corners that stand out among its usual sharply edged glass skyscrapers. Thomas Juul-Hansen, the mastermind behind this development attributes its beauty to his belief that “architecture should adhere to discovery. As you get closer and closer to a building, you see something you didn’t see before.”

You can’t talk about the building’s architecture without mentioning the Art Deco movement. Sutton Tower was built to reference its neighborhood history as a center of glamour and movement in New York’s twenties and thirties. At the top of its splendor is a pale gold frieze that reflects the different angles of sunlight throughout the day from its geometric facade. Juul-Hansen likens this special element to the building’s crown, or lighthouse, glistening in the night sky alongside the rest of the tower’s limestone facade.

Thomas Juul-Hansen is a native to Copenhagen, Denmark, where urban spaces work with nature, not against it. It’s for this reason that his work makes reference to the elements of pastoral settings like a forest or watery shores alongside the building’s spectacular waterfront views. Sutton Tower is also home to many of Juul-Hansen’s own custom furniture, one of his well-known trademarks as a designer.

Walking into Sutton Tower residences feels like an entrance into immediate, peaceful luxury as you’re greeted by a bronze canopy and custom sconces at the front door. Pass through the lobby to the library and the atrium, and overlook an exquisite view of the building’s sculpture garden. As you ride up to your individual residence, you’ll be welcomed from the elevator to your very own private 360-degree view of both the East River and Central Park.

Sutton Tower Amenities

In addition to luxurious living spaces, Sutton Tower boasts an impressive array of amenities that elevate the living experience to unparalleled heights. Residents can host friends and family in the building’s lounge and entertainment center, take care of themselves with state-of-the-art fitness and health equipment, and enjoy the rooftop views from the center of the breathtakingly beautiful infinity pool.

The Sutton Club

The Sutton Club at Sutton Tower is a perfect example of how Thomas Juul-Hansen has taken this neighborhood’s reputation for high-end parties, regal entertaining, and beloved outdoor spaces and brought it to the heart of this new development. The Club spans four floors of the building with 15-foot ceilings and wide, elegant rooms across a total of 22,000 square feet of leisure, fitness, aquatic, and wellness amenities. Step outside easily through the 665-square-foot terrace.

The Club Lounge and Terrace

The skylit Club Lounge and Terrace features comfortable, elegant furnishings, and the plush Screening Room boasts large custom sofas, a wet bar, and a cinema-level audio-visual system. The Club also features vintage arcade games, ping-pong, a billiards table, and a golf simulator. The vibrant Playroom is a whimsical space accessorized for fun and discovery.

The Screening Room

The building’s cozy, state-of-the-art screening room gives you a full-spectrum experience of cinema, TV, or any audio-visual media. You and 15 of your friends and family can sit back in soft, elegant custom sofas with cocktails made from the wet bar.

The Game Room

The building’s game room isn’t just for kids — a buffet of colorful fun games are available for all ages. There’s a golf simulator, foosball table, ping pong table, and some exceptional vintage arcade games.

The Playroom

This one’s for the little ones. As you enter the playroom you’ll have an annex to leave your stroller as you admire the interactive mural created by children’s illustrator and designer Elanna Allen. Use a selection of books, games, and seating to give you and your children the joyful respite you all deserve.

The Health and Wellness Center

It starts with water. Swim the length of the incredible 50-foot grotto-like swimming pool with its iridescent sunset-colored glass tiles that glimmer beneath the water. Then pop into the whirlpool to massage your tired muscles, followed by a trip to the infrared sauna to heal and nurture your skin. There are also spa treatment rooms, showers, and changing rooms.

The Gym

As part of The Health and Wellness Center, here you’ll find all the exercise equipment you need to keep your body at optimal health. Whether it’s fitness, boxing, or movement, you’ll have a room prepared with everything you need to get to work.

The History of Sutton Place

Sutton Tower’s NYC neighborhood, Sutton Place, is historically known to be the home of Gilded Age families from the late 1800s up to the 1920s who were respected for their old money dating back centuries. It’s also, in more recent history, a hotspot for 20th-century celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Arthur Miller.

The exclusivity of yesteryear hasn’t gone anywhere. Today’s Sutton Place is still a neighborhood where the city’s most elite buyers live and trade in world-class real estate. From business moguls to political leaders and diplomats to celebrities, the area is home to many upscale buildings, be they residences, townhouses, or co-ops.

The neighborhood was named after one of its earliest settlers, Effingham B. Sutton. It’s clear when you look at the Art Deco-buildings around Sutton Place why the term “Little London” is used nearly interchangeably, given the European-influenced architecture, ample green space, and village feel of these NYC blocks.

The area isn’t far from the amenities, cultural touchstones, and busy commerce of midtown Manhattan, Madison Square Park, Billionaire’s Row, and more. You can find incredible green space at Sutton Place Park, where a jaw-dropping view of the East River and Roosevelt Island awaits you. The mix of commercialism, class, and natural landscape is much of the reason Sutton Place is one of the most coveted neighborhoods in all of New York City.

“What’s interesting about Sutton Place is that it’s sort of been strangely enough protected over the years,” says Thomas Juul-Hansen. “It’s an old proper neighborhood, sort of its own village. If you look at Sutton Place, there are incredible pre-war buildings overlooking the river with proper porte-cocherès.” The architect pays homage to this gem of a neighborhood in his designs, saying: “we thought we would at least do our best within that context to pay respect to where we’re building. What we’ve done here is we’ve tried to make design decisions and materiality that carries a permanence.”

How to buy in Sutton Tower?


You can own one of the city’s most luxurous residences and live in the heart of a legendary city neighborhood. All it takes is having the right connections. Chatting with a NewDevRev agent will help you find the right advocate for you in the busy, competitive New York City real estate landscape. They’ll help you tour a private viewing of a Sutton Tower residence, get you in touch with its sellers, and make sure you’re putting forward the best offer possible to make it yours. Reach out to our team today and we’ll take it from there.