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Holiday Decorating Tips for Apartments of All Sizes


If you’re looking for adorable and often cost efficient decor for your homes–you’ve come to the right place. What follows are holiday decorating suggestions suited for any and all apartments!

Holiday Decorating Suggestions for Any Apartment Size!

From Halloween to Kwanzaa, we’ve got you covered!

Perfectly Spooky Halloween Decor!

Halloween is certainly worth celebrating, no matter your age! Costumes, candy, and tons of scary movies—who could ask for more? Preparing your home for any and all spooky festivities has never been easier–and this list can be a companion on your next shopping spree!

Target’s French Bulldog Skeleton Halloween Statue

New York City is full of adorable Frenchies, and for any dog lover or owner–this spooky decoration may be right up your alley! Made for indoor or outdoor use, this scary canine has realistic bones and stands at 10.5 inches tall! For avid followers of @FrenchiesofUES on instagram—this pup is a perfect way to pay homage!

Kailedi’s 20 Pumpkin LED String Lights

These pumpkin shaped string lights are positively adorable—and are perfect for adding some spooky ambiance to your apartment! They’re battery powered and usable both indoors and outdoors. For those lucky apartment owners with garden access–they’re a great way to usher in the season! Plus, they can fill your home with a warm orange glow. In fact–you may just want to keep them up all year long!

Walmart’s Two Piece Hanging Fabric Ghosts

Ghosts are a staple of the Halloween season—why not bring a few into your home? (The fabric kind–at least.) This set of two hanging ghosts from Walmart is a perfect way to add an element of Halloween to any room in your home. Hang them from your kitchen ceiling, your bedroom closet, your bathroom wall–the possibilities are literally endless. As usual, the ghosts can be used indoors or outdoors–and come with flexible arms you can position into any haunting stance!

Target’s Lace Halloween Tablecloth

Want to feel like an honorary member of the Addams family this Halloween? Look no further than this gothic tablecloth from Target. Perfect for Halloween parties–this table cloth can turn any surface in your home into a decoration of its own accord! It’s a totally worthy investment–at only ten dollars when purchased online!

Walmart’s Luminara Flameless Candle Pumpkin

This gorgeous flameless candle pumpkin is a perfect centerpiece for any surface in your home! It emits a warm glowing light, while eliminating the fire hazard of a normal candle. (Don’t worry–if you fall asleep with this candle glowing the only risk is a dead battery!)

You’ll be Grateful for These Thanksgiving Holiday Decorating Tips!

Thanksgiving is a time for food, family, and friends. Decorating your home for the holiday is an absolutely must–especially if you’re hosting the feast! Here are some great recommendations for decor that can fit in any apartment!

Target’s “Give Thanks” Wall Banner

This is a quick and easy way to decorate any wall in your apartment for the holiday! For only ten bucks, this banner can welcome in your friends and family and prepare you for the feasting ahead!

Hobby Lobby’s Grass and Glitter Turkey Centerpiece

What Thanksgiving spread is complete without an eye-catching centerpiece? This grass and glitter turkey is perfect for the job. Standing at ten inches tall, it’s made with pinecones, wood slices, and plumage that’ll truly remind you of the harvest season.

Walmart’s Simulation Maple Leaf Wreath

Decorate your apartment door this holiday with an adorable maple leaf wreath, made to look realistic and be totally reusable each year! Using the colors of Autumn, this wreath truly encapsulates the feeling of the season and does so in a tasteful and classic manner. Whether you hang it on your entryway, or bedroom door, this wreath will bring the feeling of Fall directly into your home.

Monsense’s Two Pack Lighted Maple Tree Decorations

Another great centerpiece option, these battery powered trees are sure to spark a conversation with guests in your home! Their natural appearance paired with the twenty four lights used to glow them from within makes these faux trees a gorgeous addition to your apartment.

Walmart’s LED Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Make your Thanksgiving table truly outshine the competition with these LED maple leaf lights! When perfectly draped, this decoration encapsulates Fall and provides a warm glow to your dining room.

Lulu Home’s Fall Scarecrow Figurines

What Harvest is complete without a couple scarecrows? This set of two pairs perfectly, and can be nestled on any surface of your home. There’s no need to live beside a cornfield to have your own scarecrows! This duo will do just fine in any apartment.

Hanukkah Decor To Welcome in The Holiday!

Hanukkah is right around the bend, and it’s better to start shopping early when it comes to proper decor! Here are some options made for any apartment, so you can think ahead.

Happy Storm’s Happy Hanukkah Party Banner

Banners are the easiest way to decorate, and can be used anywhere in any apartment. This one is no exception, and can be draped above the dining table to welcome friends and family.

Walmart’s Hanukkah Gnomes Garden Flag

For residents with garden access, this is a perfect way to announce your excitement for the upcoming holiday! (Plus the gnomes painted on top of this garden flag are totally adorable!)

Target’s Blue and White Star of David Hanukkah Decor

This eye-catching Star of David is perfect to hang on any wall in your home to usher in the festivities. Glowing with LED lights, this blue and white decor is unique–and totally worth the investment. It can be reused each year as a signifier of the holiday to come!

Target’s Modern Solid Metal Menorah Branched Candelabra

This modern take on the traditional Menorah is chic and gorgeous–with a totally unique appearance. For those with the space, this is definitely a worthy pick!

Christmas Decorations Santa Would Approve Of!

There’s no better time to start planning for the holiday ahead, and obligatory family time can be made better with the proper home decor! Here’s a list for those who celebrate!

Target’s 15’’ Lit Glass Christmas Tree

This adorable Christmas centerpiece is totally chic–and lights up to boot! For those without the space for a proper tree, at least live vicariously through your mini replacement!


Walmart’s Resin Light Up Christmas Scene

This Christmas village is perfect for welcoming in the season—with such adorable scenery you’ll wish you could move right in! Perfect for a centerpiece, or for placement within the home!

Walmart’s Snow Globe String Lights

These unique string lights are perfect for the holiday season! Made to look like miniature snow globes and perfectly paired with the weather outdoors–they’re a must have for Christmas!

Hobby Lobby’s Blush Glitter Merry Christmas Wall Decor

Hobby Lobby’s wooden wall ornament, painted with a glittery rose shade, is perfect to hang anywhere–on kitchen walls, on doors, or more! This year, announce the holiday with style!

Target’s Mr. Christmas Animated Nutcracker Suite Music Box

Although it’s a bit pricey, this Christmas keepsake is bound to impress. Within the music box, animated figurines come to life dancing to classic holiday tunes. This one is a sure conversation starter, as well as a precious and reusable trinket. In smaller apartments, this decor is bound to spread holiday cheer without taking up half the living room!

Kwanzaa Decor Worth Celebrating!

As Kwanzaa approaches, it’s important to plan ahead. Here are some simple decorations made for apartments of any size!

Target’s Happy Kwanzaa Table Decorations

These table decorations are a perfect way to welcome in friends and family, and prepare for the festivities ahead! They’re a perfectly cost efficient centerpiece.

Target’s Happy Kwanzaa Cushion Case

Now even your couches can announce their holiday cheer! These ‘Happy Kwanzaa’ cushion cases can be used on your bed, sofa, loveseat, and more. They’re an easy way to decorate without taking up space!

Rainlemon’s Happy Kwanzaa Banner

This Happy Kwanzaa banner is another effective way to decorate without taking up half your apartment! Hang it on any wall to emit holiday cheer.

No matter what you celebrate on this list (or beyond)–you deserve decor that fits your space. Any apartment can usher in the holiday season, and do so effectively. Whether it’s through banners or pillowcases, centerpieces or ornaments, you deserve a home that matches your level of seasonal spirit! Not impressed by anything listed above? Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, and more are already stocking their shelves with holiday decor. You’re bound to find something you love that works for you and your apartment.