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Five of The Best Playgrounds in Queens


New York City has a reputation of being a fast-paced, hectic, and sometimes impersonal city, but under close examination, that isn’t always the case. Across the five boroughs, there are countless families thriving, happily raising young children in the big city. So what are the best playgrounds Queens has to offer?

Nearly 30% of households in Queens include young children. This lends the need for neighborhoods to embrace that demographic by creating enjoyable outdoor spaces for kids and families. When it comes to providing those spaces in the form of fun and entertaining playgrounds Queens does not disappoint. The borough is home to countless parks and playgrounds where city kids are able to run free and release all of that energy that builds up from living in an NYC apartment. These are just a few of the best play areas we’ve found in Queens.

1. Flushing Meadows-Corona Park Queens Playground – Flushing

This massive park in Queens is home to several playgrounds, including the Fantasy Forest Amusement Park. Corona Park Playground is a delightful recreational haven that combines the beauty of nature with the thrill of outdoor play. Situated in the heart of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, this playground offers a unique blend of family-friendly amenities, lush greenery, and a touch of history, making it a beloved destination for residents and visitors alike.

Expansive Play Area

Corona Park Playground boasts a spacious and well-designed play area that caters to children of all ages. From swings and slides to climbing structures and imaginative play zones, the playground ensures hours of wholesome fun for kids.

Interactive Water Play

One of the standout features of Corona Park Playground is its interactive water play area. During the warm summer months, children can cool off in the massive splash pad, complete with water jets and sprinklers. It’s a refreshing and playful way to beat the heat.


The playground is thoughtfully designed to be accessible to children with disabilities, with ADA-compliant features such as ramps and inclusive play equipment, ensuring that all children can enjoy the space.

Surrounding Scenery

Corona Park Playground benefits from its location within Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, one of New York City’s most iconic green spaces. The playground is surrounded by lush trees, open fields, and the picturesque Willow Lake, offering a scenic backdrop for playtime.

Historical Significance

Flushing Meadows-Corona Park itself has a rich history, having hosted two World’s Fairs in the 20th century. Visitors to the playground can explore remnants of these events, including the iconic Unisphere, which adds an educational element to the visit.

Community Engagement

Corona Park Playground serves as a hub for community engagement. Regular events and activities, such as storytelling sessions, arts and crafts workshops, and seasonal celebrations, create a sense of unity among park-goers. Local schools often use the playground for outdoor education, fostering a love for nature and recreation among young students.

2. Astoria Park Playground – Astoria

Astoria Park Playground is situated in the heart of Astoria, one of Queens’ most diverse and vibrant neighborhoods. Its prime location offers breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline, the Triborough (Robert F. Kennedy) Bridge, and the Hell Gate Bridge, providing a picturesque backdrop for play and relaxation.

Play Structures

The playground boasts a variety of age-appropriate play structures, including swings, slides, climbing structures, and sandboxes. These features cater to children of all ages, ensuring that everyone can find something fun to do.

Basketball Courts

Kids (and adults!) can enjoy shooting hoops on the basketball courts located adjacent to the playground. It’s a great spot for friendly pickup games and honing your basketball skills.

Water Play

There isn’t much that will get a kid excited more than a playground with a water play feature, especially on a hot, humid New York summer day. A major highlight of Astoria Park Playground is its water play area, where children can frolic through sprinklers and fountains without a care.

Events and Community Engagement

Astoria Park Playground hosts a range of community events and activities throughout the year. These include the waterfront outdoor concert series, and the annual Astoria Park Pumpkin Smash, where families are encouraged to bring their leftover Jack-O-Lanterns to be smashed and composted amongst the park’s tree canopy.

3. Alley Pond Park Adventure Playground – Oakland Gardens

Alley Pond Park Adventure Playground is one of the most unique play parks in the city. Known for its massive wooden play structures, this playground in Alley Pond Park offers a unique and adventurous experience for kids.

Unique Play Structures

Most notable for its Adventure Course, the playground boasts an array of unique and innovative play structures designed to spark children’s creativity and imagination. There are climbing walls, rope bridges, treetop walkways, and challenging obstacle courses that encourage physical activity, problem-solving, and team building.

Natural Elements

One of the standout features of this playground is its integration of natural elements. Children have the opportunity to interact with and explore natural materials such as logs, boulders, and sand, fostering a deeper connection with the environment.

Adventure and Exploration

The playground is designed to promote adventure and exploration. Kids can embark on exciting journeys through tunnels, caves, and hidden nooks, fostering a sense of discovery and adventure.

4. Moore Homestead Playground – Elmhurst

The Moore Homestead Playground, nestled in a small corner of land at the junction of Broadway, 82nd St, and 45th Ave, was built upon the site of the original home of Rev. John Moore and his family, some of the earliest settlers of the neighborhood now known as Elmhurst. Rev. Moore’s great-great-great grandson, Clement Clarke Moore, was the author of the beloved poem, “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”, and went on to develop the families Manhattan residence into what is now the neighborhood of Chelsea.

Play Structures

This neighborhood playground features several unique and vibrant play structures. Geometric shapes and intricate sculptures provide an imagination-boosting space for kids to climb, run, and play.

The playground underwent a major renovation in 2020, making it more accessible and welcoming to a diverse group of children. This included increased ADA measures, as well as a heightened fence and a new amphitheater. In an effort to increase biodiversity in the park, native plant species were introduced as well.

Park Features

In addition to its unique play structures, Moore Homestead Park features a large basketball court, a built-in ping pong table, and plenty of wide open space for biking, skating, and scootering. There is truly something for everyone at this community park.

5. Beach Channel Playground – Far Rockaway



If you find yourself out at Far Rockaway for a well-deserved beach day, be sure to stop by the incredibly unusual Beach Channel Playground. Modeled after Rockaway’s historic amusement park Playland, this carnival themed play place brings joy to old and young. You will even be welcomed into the park by clowns and ringmasters!

Play Structures

Keeping with its carnival theme, Beech Channel’s play structures are modeled after the things you’d encounter at any circus or carnival. There’s even a miniature ferris wheel.

Park Features

If ferris wheels and rocking circus animals weren’t enough to entice you to visit this eccentric park with your kiddos, there are a wide variety of activities here. Try your luck at skee-ball, cornhole, or even handball, while your kids cool down with the carousel-shaped water feature.

In a borough that is so incredibly vibrant and diverse as Queens, there’s no surprise that it is home to such a wide array of playgrounds for its youngest residents. Whatever neighborhood you’re in, no matter what time of year, there is no shortage of fun, interactive activities to enjoy with the family. Queens is an amazing place for families to call home. For more info on the incredible neighborhoods in Queens, visit our neighborhoods page.