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2023 Interior Design Trends We’re Excited to See

interior design trends 2023

2023 is here, and so are the newest interior design trends gaining popularity in New York City. If you want to give your NYC apartment a make-over, then take a look at NewDevRev’s recommendations for revamping your home’s style. Here are the hottest 2023 interior design trends we are excited to see.

2023 Interior Design Trends for Kitchen

The all-white, minimalist, cold kitchen that has dominated NYC interiors for the past several years is going out of style. Now, we are embracing color and playful eccentricity. Interior designers are also thinking outside of the box to create new and innovative layouts. Here are New Dev Rev’s tips for 2023’s best kitchen design trends.

Embrace Color, Pattern, and Texture

Kitchens in 2023 are getting colorful. In particular, green and blue are becoming more and more popular, while all white kitchens are becoming more scarce. The particular shades range from vibrant and bold, to more natural and subdued; you will find everything from bright cerulean to mossy green in the nicest 2023 kitchens. Through the rest of the year, expect to see a rise in colorful custom cabinetry, as well as colorful, patterned, and textured backsplashes.

If you want to undertake a full kitchen remodel, then here are some great ways to make color an important part of your home’s aesthetic.

  • Install colorful custom cabinetry. Also consider getting rid of upper cabinets and replacing them with open shelving. This creates visual interest and allows you to display beautiful dishware that otherwise would remain hidden.
  • Replace old appliances with brightly colored statement pieces, like vintage inspired ranges, ovens, and refrigerators.
  • Replace old countertops with colorful marble. Green imported marble from India is particularly popular right now.
  • Install a colorful backsplash. In particular, think about tiled patterns, colorful marble, and brightly glazed tiles that reflect light.

You can easily add pops of color to your kitchen without doing a full renovation. Here are some quick and easy ways to revamp your kitchen’s color palette.

  • Replace old kitchen towels with new ones. Look for colorful, patterned, or interesting textures that stand out.
  • Buy colorful small appliances. There are plenty of high quality, multifunctional small appliances that come in a range of bold colors and designs. These appliances–from stand mixers to air fryers–can turn a kitchen eyesore into a bright and fun focal point you will happily leave out on your countertop.
  • Add a colorful rug. Kitchen rugs prevent slips while brightening the space. Other colorful textiles, like aprons, can also liven things up.

Use Natural Materials

Natural materials are another major interior design trend for 2023. In particular, natural stone is very popular in kitchens this year. Quartzite, granite, and especially marble are always good choices for kitchen counters; however, this year, distinctly patterned and colored marble is really taking center stage.

For the past several years, Italian marbles like Carrara White have dominated modern kitchens. This sleek, classic white marble, veined with light gray, is losing popularity as we turn towards more warm, playful, and eclectic kitchen designs. Look into marbles with bold patterning and unexpected colors.

Experiment With Creative Layouts

Finally, think about changing up the layout of your kitchen. Double kitchen islands allow for plenty of workspace, as well as areas for dining and socializing. Double sinks can also help ease the traffic flow in the kitchen.

2023 Bathroom Design Trends

2023 interior design trends for the bathroom overlap a bit with the trends for kitchens, but there are some key differences. Bathroom trends for this year will balance 2023’s overall preference for color and pattern, with a more relaxing, spa-like atmosphere.

Create a Warm and Inviting Space with Natural Materials

Natural materials are just as popular in bathrooms as in kitchens. Once again, marble is the star–the more colorful and bold, the better. However, you will also find other natural stones like travertine, a type of limestone with a light pattern and warm color palette. Wood cabinets and accents are also becoming more popular in bathrooms, adding an earth warmth to the bathroom.

Say Goodbye to Boring White Tile

Handmade terrazzo and colorful tiles are making a comeback. Terrazzo floors add a unique texture and can be made from a variety of natural materials, including marble. Consider installing a terrazzo floor or a bold patterned tie.

Enjoy Spa-like Luxury

Finally, spa-like bathrooms for your home are becoming more popular in 2023. Spa luxury can come in the form of high end shower heads, large, freestanding tubs, and even steam showers. Dimmable lighting and smart home devices can add to the luxe feeling, making your home bathroom feel like it belongs at a world-class resort.

2023 Home Office Design Trends

Work from home rose during the pandemic, and it is here to stay. In 2023, take your home office to the next level with these hot interior design trends.

Make it Light and Bright

Creativity and productivity flourish in clean, light, and bright spaces. Make sure your window treatments don’t feel too heavy and that they allow in plenty of natural light. For the dimmer corners of your office, install low-profile lamps. Although statement lighting is a big trend for 2023, it is not the best choice for an office where you need to maintain focus. Minimize distractions, and create an open and airy feel in your home office.

Don’t Fear Color and Pattern

Although you want to avoid distracting design choices in a home office, that does not mean you must shun fun altogether. 2023’s emphasis on color and pattern in interior design can still find a place in your home office.

Consider installing a colorful (but still light) wallpaper in your office to bring the space to life. You can also add color and texture to the space by painting storage and shelves, or throwing down a plush rug that warms up the space without making it too busy.

It’s All About Storage

A cluttered office makes for a cluttered mind, so be sure to include plenty of storage in your home workspace. In 2023, we expect to see custom shelving, bookshelves, and integrated desks going into NYC home offices.

2023 Bedroom Design Trends

While design trends for the rest of the home in 2023 center around the bold and bright, bedrooms remain calm and relaxing sanctuaries. In particular, bedroom design trends for 2023 will include cozy, neutral colors, curved shapes, and air-purifying plants.

Curate a Cozy Atmosphere with Warm Neutrals

Neutral colors, particularly warm beiges and creams, are great for the bedroom. They keep the space light and bright without veering into cold minimalism. Warm neutrals can be incorporated into your bedroom through luxe bedding, rugs, curtain, and furnishings.

Curved Furniture

Curved furniture is gaining popularity, and it is particularly good for bedrooms. Curved headboards, bed frames, and dressers make bedrooms feel soft and organic. With a curved bed, you will feel like you are going to sleep inside a cozy cocoon.


Plants are the perfect pop of natural color in a bedroom. The vibrant green looks great against a warm neutral palette without injecting too much energy into what should be a calming space. Not to mention, plants purify the air throughout your bedroom and your whole apartment.

Consider putting a low maintenance plant on your windowsill or nightstand. Some great starter plants include pothos, ZZ plants, and snake plants.

2023 Living Room Design Trends

Finally, for 2023’s living room interior design trends. These trends incorporate something from all of the popular design trends we have already discussed.


First, expect to see curves everywhere in 2023 living rooms. Curved archways, curved furniture pieces, and curved layouts can soften the feel of your living space. These curved touches make your living room inviting and encourage socialization by blurring the delineations found in hard angles and straight lines.

Unconventional Layouts and Multipurpose Spaces

Curved and circular furniture layouts are not the only way to shake up your living space. Consider incorporating a variety of furniture into your living room to make it a multipurpose space.

You can add a dining area or a home office nook to your living room, or you can use multi-functional, convertible furniture to make the most of your space. For example, there are coffee tables that expand into full dining tables or even desks. Or couches and beds that fold into the wall, leaving plenty of floorspace in your living room for you to workout or for your children to play.

Unexpected Pops of Color

Finally, bring together unexpected spots of color and patterns to create an eclectic, lively, and comfortable living space. In particular, bright oranges and reds are making a comeback. Add vibrant throw pillows or colorful statement light to your living room to make it really pop.

Stay Aware of 2023’s Hottest Interior Design Trends

Keep up with all of 2023’s hottest trends by following NewDevRev’s interior design coverage. We will keep you up to date on all of the best new styles taking over luxurious residences in NYC.