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We’re Shocked by This Trend in Home Decor for 2022

2022 Trending Wall Color

When it comes to decorating, many folks are stuck in the past. According to Real Homes, renters and homeowners still try to make the classic farmhouse style work, or deck their rooms out with dried flowers and velvet accouterments. These dated looks may have once transformed living spaces into cool and comfy environments, but their time has finally reached an end. 

Home decorators and designers have come to an agreement over what bold visions define 2022. Good Housekeeping reports that anyone looking to update the look of their home interior this year needs to embrace 3D art that pops off the wall, looks that draw on 1970s and 1980s retro aesthetics, and furniture with rounded or curved edges. 

If you love embracing retro styles and want to tap into the rumpus rooms and shag rugs of yesteryear, you can’t go wrong with the trendiest color of 2022 — brown (via Vogue). Don’t assume you need to paint your rooms dirt-brown in order to stay current either. Designers have embraced a variety of trendy earth tones to choose from, spanning “cognac to burnt umber.”. 

Brown walls complement a variety of room styles, particularly decor and surfaces inspired by nature this year. Side tables, lamps, and even bathtubs that take inspiration from trees, mountains, and mother nature imbue your living space with an ambience of calm, while adding depth to your apartment or house. Interior decorators have loved playing with this concept for years, but it looks like this trend will truly shine during 2022.

Before you can make the trends of the year come to life in your home, you first need to find the perfect living space in the perfect neighborhood. Once you find the perfect area, you can truly make your dream designs come to life. Brown walls and all.