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The Six Least Expensive Listings in Gowanus

Gowanus neighborhood in Brooklyn NYC

Gowanus is a Brooklyn neighborhood that was once a marsh and creek. Named after a local Native American chief, it later became Dutch farmland before seeing battle in the Revolutionary War. Its namesake canal was built in the mid-19th century, and the area saw rapid industrialization. Today, the neighborhood is a mix of traditional row houses and large apartment complexes. It offers a blend of quirky galleries, cocktail bars, and recreational facilities such as archery ranges, shuffleboard courts, and rock climbing gyms. The abandoned factories and side streets give the neighborhood a distinct character.


Here are the six least expensive listings in Gowanus

Please bookmark this page as the available real estate listings can change from day to day.

Note: These are the listings that are actively on the market. There might be plenty of others that are “shadow inventory.”


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