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The Latest Amenities Developers are Offering


If you are shopping for a new home in NYC, take a look at these latest amenities developers are offering to prospective buyers. Residents can expect community and private amenities targeted towards wellness, relaxation, security, and socialization. With all of these luxuries to choose from, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your every need.

Outdoor and Green Spaces

Outdoor space is a rare treat in NYC. These coveted escapes add to the value of your home and allow you to enjoy fresh air in the middle of the big city. Verandas, balconies, terraces, gardens, rooftops, and courtyards are all popular types of outdoor spaces you can find throughout NYC’s new developments.

 Balconies and Terraces

Terraces are open-air, uncovered platforms where residents can relax. Unlike balconies, which are always elevated and jut out from the side of the building, terraces can also be located on the ground floor or rooftop.

Terraces have a couple of other perks you should keep in mind when looking at listings. They tend to be larger–sometimes much larger–than balconies. Also, balconies usually only connect to a single room, whereas terraces can have more than one point of entry. This makes them great for outdoor entertaining.

Balconies win over terraces in one aspect–price. Given their smaller size and the fact that they are comparatively more common, balconies tend to be less expensive than terraces. The flip side of this is that balconies also add less value to your home than a terrace would should you decide to sell.


Unlike private terraces, rooftop terraces are communal spaces typically shared by all of the building residents. Here, you can enjoy a bird’s eye view on the city while taking in some fresh air.

Many rooftop terraces come equipped with additional amenities like lounge furniture, pet relief areas, and bars and grills. Rooftop terraces are particularly appealing for hosting parties or large gatherings, since there tends to be plenty of space and chic atmosphere.


For New Yorkers wit​​h green thumbs, gardens are a big selling point. These green spaces are often shared by the building or a collection of buildings.

Residents can stroll through the garden to enjoy nature, or relax on outdoor furniture like benches, tables, and chairs. Some buildings even allow residents to plant what they would like in communal garden plots. If you want to bring a little bit of nature closer to home, put garden access at the top of your amenities wish list.

Fitness Centers, Pools, and Sauna

Home fitness centers, pools, and saunas are popular amenities for health conscious New Yorkers. These wellness features are increasingly being added to luxury new developments, sometimes alongside spa services, massage rooms, and hair salons.

Gyms In-Building

Gyms in New York can be crowded, expensive, and inconvenient. Included in-building gyms or fitness centers can solve this problem. Exercise is easier when you only have to go downstairs to hop on the treadmill or stationary bike. Many of these gyms are outfitted with all of the state of the art exercise equipment you can find in New York’s most pricy gyms. Some fitness centers also include studio rooms that can be used for dance, yoga, meditation, stretching, or other exercise classes.

Indoor Pools and Saunas

If low impact exercise is your thing, you can head over to your building’s lap pool. These are typically long, shallow pools meant for exercise. Some buildings also have splash pools for playing around in the water, and hot tubs for relaxing.

Saunas, including Turkish baths, are also popular luxury amenities. Many developers offer additional spa amenities as well, including massage tables, lounge chairs, salon services, and more.

With these amenities you can treat your own home as a one-stop wellness wonderland.

Indoor Communal Spaces

Outdoor terraces and gardens are not the only places for gatherings. Lounges, libraries, and drawing rooms offer residents perfect places for everything from business meetings to fun parties–all without leaving the building.


New developments typically have at least one lounge, and sometimes many more. These spaces, appointed with comfortable furniture, can be great spots for meeting up with friends or hosting parties. Some lounges even come with fully functional bars and kitchens, so that you can host dinner parties or cocktail hours.

Lobbies and Drawing Rooms

Unlike lounges, which are usually only accessible to residents and their guests, these lobbies are usually on the ground floor off of the entrance way. These are great spots for quick meetings or for your guests to wait while you make your way down to them. While some lobbies are small and simple, others are full fledged drawing rooms with lounge-like amenities.

Co-working Spaces and Libraries

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, libraries and co-working spaces in apartment buildings are more valuable than ever. With hybrid work and work-from-home becoming more and more common, it is a good idea to have a place you can go to focus without leaving your home. These spaces often provide residents with wi-fi, as well as meeting areas for teams.

State of the Art Technology

From smart home devices to resident-only apps, real estate developers are using cutting edge technology to appeal to tech-savvy home buyers.

Smart Devices

Smart locks, smart thermostats, and smart lights are just some of the smart home technologies developers are offering potential buyers. This technology can offer all of the security of traditional locks with the added benefits of keyless entry, timed pass codes, and remote functionality. Some smart locks even come with built-in alarms or video doorbells.

Smart thermostats can either be controlled remotely using your phone, or can make changes on their own to keep you and your family comfortable in any weather. Smart lighting allows you to brighten or dim your lights, change their color, or remotely control them with the help of an app. You can even pre-program your favorite lighting settings for quick and easy atmosphere boosts.

Mobile Apps for Residents

Your building may even offer an app just for residents. These apps can include features like smart-home technology controls, online rent and utilities payments, and building wi-fi access. Some even allow you to easily communicate with your building manager, super, and other staff.

Family Amenities

If you already have children, or are planning to have some, then family amenities are likely high on your priority list. Here are some of the latest and greatest family perks you can find in NYC new developments.

Children’s Play Areas

Outdoor and indoor play areas are a safe, fun, space for kids to let their imaginations run wild. Some play areas are like little playgrounds, while others have high tech offerings like gaming consoles. Your children are sure to have fun climbing the jungle gyms outside or playing board games in lounges designed just for them.

Entertainment Centers

The whole family can enjoy entertainment and recreation centers. Screening rooms are perfect for bringing the big screen theater experience home to you. Some entertainment centers also have stages for performances–be it music, dance, or theater. Musical residents can also take advantage of practice rooms and recording studios. In recreation centers, arcade style games sit next to billiards tables, and video game consoles are tucked under TVs perfect for watching a game with friends.

Audiophiles and movie buffs may want to check out the technology in the entertainment centers before they buy. Many new developments have top of the line stereo, like Dolby Surround Sound. The recording studios are likewise outfitted with cutting edge equipment that can make your rockstar dreams a reality. As your real estate agent to enquire about the building’s entertainment center to learn more.

Pet Amenities

pet park building amenity

These days, pet amenities go beyond just being “pet friendly.” Some new developments are practically pet heaven. Outdoor spaces, relief areas, dog parks, and walking trails are some of the many pet amenities offered by new developments. If your dog is just as much of a member of the family as anyone else, consider making pet amenities one of your must-haves.

Also, check to see if the human-centered amenities allow your furry friends as well. Some rooftops, lounges, and terraces welcome dogs, while others have strict policies against them. If including your pooch in the rooftop BBQ is important to you, then look into your building’s pet amenities policies before you buy, even if they are otherwise listed as “pet friendly.”

The Latest Amenities for Your Condo

These amenities are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more–from concierge services to pet spas to indoor tennis courts–that we didn’t list here.

Developers add more amazing offerings and services all of the time, so keep reading New Dev Rev to stay up to date on the latest and greatest amenities popping up in condos around NYC. Then use what you learn to find the perfect apartment to fit you and your family.

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