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Five Budget-Friendly Ideas to Personalize Your New Development Apartment


Moving into a brand new development apartment sounds like a dream come true — you don’t have to worry about previous tenants who knocked dents into the walls, old appliances breaking down, or finding ways to cover up the normal wear and tear that builds up over years of people living in the same unit. While you might end up living in a pristine apartment, you also have to find some ways to give this new space some much-needed character and flair.

Transforming your new development apartment into a personalized space is easier said than done, especially if you have to make every penny go as far as it can. With a few tips and tricks, you can take any new blank canvas apartment and easily put your own spin on the space

Create a gallery wall with floating shelves

Setting up a gallery wall with your favorite art can make a room feel dynamic and exciting, but pouring money into new decorations can seriously put a dent into your wallet. You don’t need to invest in an actual art collection to make this design dream a reality. Family Handyman recommends mounting some staggered floating shelves to add dimension to your new apartment. This method allows you to decorate with your current set of knick-knacks, plants, and photos without spending a ton of money on other accoutrements.

Switch out your hardware and lighting

Many new development apartments come with pre-installed lighting fixtures, door handles, and cabinet handles, but don’t feel like you have to settle for these accents. Georgette Marise Interiors recommends switching out these elements with some stylish new handles or light covers for a budget-friendly way to put your own spin on your apartment.

Add some removable wallpaper

White walls can drag down any apartment, especially when you live in a vibrant city like New York. You don’t have to feel resigned to boring wall colors or dishing out a ton of money on paint if you need a splash of color. Apartment Therapy recommends investing in a bit of removable wallpaper on the cheap that promises to immediately upgrade your new development apartment while sticking to a tight budget.

Spruce up your space with flowers

Plants can do wonders for any space, and the same holds true if you need to liven up your new development apartment on the fly. Forbes found that a fresh bouquet or three around your space can make any room feel that much more like home and costs significantly less than investing in new art or decorations.

Don’t forget your floors

Over the years, you most likely have accumulated your fair share of rugs and carpets. Instead of throwing these decorations out, Apartment Therapy found that they can be upcycled and layered to create a unique DIY floor pattern that costs little to no money to create. You can even hit up a thrift store and find more rugs to really make this layering effect work. With a bit of patience, you can find a way to transform the floor of your new development apartment and end up with a truly unique home that took pennies on the dollar to decorate.

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