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A Look Inside Brooklyn’s Most Expensive Condo: Quay Tower


Let’s face it, we all dream of living in luxury. New York City is teeming with amenity-rich homes that exist beyond the realm of our wildest imaginations. Brooklyn’s Quay Tower is no exception, securing its place as the most expensive condominium complex in the borough–with tons of added luxuries to boot. Let’s take a closer look at Quay Tower–and get you to know, head to toe, exactly what it’s offering!

Where in Brooklyn is Quay Tower?

Located in Brooklyn Heights, Quay Tower is situated in a prime location for both real estate developers and future residents alike. Its address, which you could soon call home, is 50 Bridge Park Drive.

What to Do in Brooklyn Heights?

Brooklyn Heights is a lively neighborhood teeming with activities. Known as a charming neighborhood dotted with brownstones, its safe and welcoming environment is perfect for any family size to inhabit. Located with the Brooklyn Bridge/Dumbo area to the north, and Boerum Hill to the south—Brooklyn Heights is an easy trip away from other exciting locales.

Originally called “Brooklyn Village”, much of its homes and even commercial properties were built during the Civil War. It has a wonderful, artistic community–and is known for being the home of the first ever art gallery in the entire borough! It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1966, and has maintained its reputation as a hub of culture ever since.

Neighborhood Attractions

Historical Sites

For those interested in its rich history, there are many places to visit still standing from decades (and decades, and decades…) past. Some include the Plymouth Church and the Herman Behr mansion—both architectural testaments to the 1800s.

Parks and Rec

However, there are tons of amazing (and totally modern) activities to enjoy, as well. (Your Brooklyn Guide keeps a comprehensive list here.) For fans of an amazing city view, the Brooklyn Heights promenade is an absolute must-visit. It may just become your favorite spot for early morning walks! The views of both Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge are simply stellar, and there’s tons of fantastic cafes and restaurants within easy walking distance.

Another popular place for a personal walking tour is the “fruit streets” in Brooklyn Heights. With each street named after a decadent fruit, such as Cranberry or Pineapple st, the houses along these walkways are gorgeous and worth admiring.


For lovers of nightlife and vintage sensibilities, Montero’s Bar is a must-see (and perhaps the next spot for your Friday night hang-outs with family and friends.) Open since the 1930s, its timeless charm and delicious drinks can make any night out one to remember (as long as you don’t enjoy one too many martinis.)


In need of a quick dinner? Grimaldi’s is a go-to and is known as one of the best pizza places in all of NYC. The original founder, Patsy Grimaldi, has ties to the Patsy of Patsy’s pizzeria—and its original, famous location in Manhattan!

If you’re craving dessert, and still have room after all those slices, Ample Hills Creamery near the Brooklyn Bridge may have the sweet treat you’re desperate for. With a name inspired by writings of Walt Whitman, and flavors inspired by the borough’s rich history—its certainly worth the trip!

However you enjoy Brooklyn Heights, it’s undeniably a perfect spot to settle down!

A Brief Summary of Quay Tower

Quay Tower is a luxury building located in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC. Known as the most expensive condominium complex in the entire borough. In 2020, a single unit sold for $20.3 million in–beating previous sales records. Located near Brooklyn Bridge park, and overlooking the waterfront–the building has views and amenities that can serve to justify its high costs.

Its gorgeous and eye-catching exterior matches the luxuries found within; with a glass and metallic facade causing bright light reflections over the building at night. Quay’s units range from two to four bed selections, allowing diversity in the family sizes housed throughout. There are 125 condos throughout 28 stories—with the following breakdown:

  • 46 two-bedroom units
  • 49 three-bedroom units
  • 30 four-bedroom units

Average Costs Per Unit in Quay Tower

According to Marketproof, here are the current starting costs for units within Quay Tower:

  • Two beds range anywhere from $1.7 to $3.2 million dollars (with an average cost of $1,763 per square foot)
  • Three beds range anywhere from $2.4 to $8.5 million (with an average cost of $2,057 per square foot)
  • Four beds range anywhere from $3.9 to $12.5 million (with an average of $2,225 per square foot)

As mentioned before, there have been sales well above these numbers. It’s interesting to note that the average cost for a two bedroom apartment in the Brooklyn borough has doubled within the past decade.

Why Live in Quay Tower?

At the moment, Quay Tower has over half of its units already sold–an indication of its rising popularity. Located in a prime neighborhood, living there is a highly appealing choice for those with the means to do so. However, the initial and most prominent draw in for condominium living is the amenities provided for residents and gorgeous units throughout. Quay Tower does not fall short!

A Peek into Life at Quay Tower

6sqft magazine did a deep dive into a penthouse unit located at Quay Tower. The article provides a video detailing the interior, as well as additional details throughout. For prospective buyers–this can certainly provide persuading visuals.

The unit shown has four bedrooms, three and a half baths, and priceless views of the Manhattan skyline. A private elevator provides direct access into the residence, opening into a gorgeous gallery and spacious kitchen. Both the dining room and living room possess the same unbeatable views, and each bedroom is rich with natural light.

It’s simply impossible not to imagine your ideal life–enjoying everything Quay Tower has to offer.

Luxury Amenities at Quay Tower

If the room alone isn’t convincing, there’s tons of amenities at Quay Tower that can make your living situation feel like a constant ‘stay-cation.’

Lobby + Concierge Services + Misc Amenities

Right off the bat—all pets are permitted, there’s a 24/7 doorman, and even full concierge services . The live-in super is on hand for any needs, and there’s always staff to assist you. The lobby itself is a work of art, inspired by ‘California modernism’ and a need for natural light. There’s a package room, storage area, and in-unit laundry. There’s even a dog washing area! For car-owners, the valet parking for residents is a total lifesaver and gamechanger.

A Gorgeous Fitness Center

For the fitness-oriented, a gorgeous state of the art fitness center is located within–with tons of options for exercise and relaxation. (Ditch that membership to Equinox for good!)

Breathtaking Roofdeck + Comfortable Communal Lounge

There’s an abundance of communal spaces, most intended to help residents socialize and form the much-expected (and typically adored) condo community. The roofdeck is the height of luxury, fully furnished and facing the water—allowing residents to chat with guests, read a good book, grill, or simply admire the Manhattan view. Sky cabanas are available for rent—and are a perfect place to host gatherings or private dinners. Having access to Manhattan’s famous skyline? Sounds like a dream. An indoor communal lounge is also available—don’t fret! When the weather gets unbearable, there’s no need for social activities to cease.

A Playspace for Kids To Socialize

Quay Tower is kid-friendly, with units totally appropriate for family life. In fact, there’s an entire playspace dedicated to residents under the age of 13–with toys and activities intended for kids to socialize in and explore daily!

A Music Room

For the musically-inclined, Quay Tower provides a communal music room for residents to exercise their talents and hone their crafts. (With this much convenience, we’re expecting the next Grammy award winner to come from Quay!)

A Stunning Conference Room

Work can often be everything, and utterly exhausting too. For those who still work entirely or partially from home–Quay Tower’s luxurious conference is perfect for holding virtual meetings or organizing community events.

Access to the Brooklyn Bridge Park

Quite legitimately right outside your door, the adjacent Brooklyn Bridge park has additional playgrounds, scenic spaces, and activities to enjoy. This accessibility to one of New York City’s most beautiful parks cannot be overlooked or understated. Location wise, Quay Tower truly has it all!

For a more in depth look at some of the complex’s amenities as well as its architecture and aesthetics—check out this article done by Off The Mrket, a real estate lifestyle blog.

Still not Convinced?

Contact a real estate expert at NewDevRev to learn more about Quay Tower!

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